Getting on with the Business of Living

4 02 2010

When I created this blog in Spring 2009, my purpose was to share my story as the third of four known generations of BRCA 1 carriers in my family, to offer information, support, and a place for other gene carriers and their friends and family to do the same.

About six months into it, I am ashamed yet compelled to admit, I lost some of my steam. I’ve often pondered the reasons why.

Yet, in spite of me, the blog lived on. I was amazed at how many daily visits the blog was still attracting, despite the growing gaps and spaces between my posts.

From the start, this blog, I believe, has in a small way, filled a void. That notion was when I received this email from a young woman named Natalie Evans (see Guest Post) who just discovered she is BRCA 2 positive:

“The first thing I did after receiving my result, after having a little cry of course, was to search BRCA 2 info on the Internet,” she wrote. “Considering I was still quite upset, I quickly realized that what I really wanted to do was read about someone who had been in the same position as me – which brought me to your blog. Thank you for posting. The experiences you share about your BRCA status are important, and it really helped reading them.

I am deeply touched by Natalie’s words. They make every keystroke worthwhile.

I am also grateful to her for expressing exactly what I’ve been unable to put my finger on during the past few months. From a discussion I had just this morning with Natalie:

“You are, however, right to say that your status is not, and should not be, the focal point of your life. I think those of us who share this experience would love to see entries about things other than the BRCA genes as well, because it is inspiring to see someone getting on with the business of living – someone who also just happens to carry the BRCA gene.

Though BRCA gene status will continue to be the theme of this blog, it will no longer be the only thing I write about here.

This blog and future blog posts will be about the breast cancer genes…but they will also be about getting on with the business of living — the crazy, sometimes heart-wrenching, but always beautiful, business of living.

Thank you, Natalie.



One response

5 02 2010
Jennifer Fink

Love the idea of a slightly new angle! We can choose to let our gene status rule our lives — or we can choose to live our lives. I choose to live.

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