“Like There’s Gonna Be a Run on Red-Eyed Tree Frogs!”

23 01 2011

Soooo excited! After months of research and saving up, we got our tree frogs yesterday! We did not end up with a red-eyed tree frog…yet. The pet store, House of Pets in Garden City, did have three that came in Friday. When I called Friday and heard they had some, I was jumping up and down telling Don, “Honey! We gotta go get them before someone else does!”

“Like there’s going to be a run on red-eyed tree frogs,” he said.

Well, now the joke is on him, as there WAS a run on red-eyed tree frogs! There was only one left when we got there yesterday and he had an abrasion on his nose – – a sign of certain, impending death for many frogs as they easily succumb to infection and red-eyeds are particularly fragile. That one was not expected to live through the night.

So there I was, in front of the tank, having just gotten the news, telling Don, “See? I TOLD you so!” Now this has become the new family joke and I’m sure Theo and I will be razzing Don for years. “Watch out! There’s gonna be a run on red-eyed tree frogs!”

So, onward to the other aquariums and that’s when we found them. A pair of marble tree frogs that had just come in – so rare that the pet store (specializes in amphibians) hasn’t had them before in their 32-year history!

I have read extensively about Marble Tree Frogs and they are one of my uber-favs that I didn’t think we’d have the opportunity to buy.

We also ended up with a beautiful Monkey Tiger-Legged Frog — named so because they are the only tree frogs with opposable thumbs, so they actually climb rather than hop!

Both species are full grown at about 1.5 inches!

Theo came running downstairs to get me this morning as soon as he got up. “Mom Mom! You gotta come see!”

Our little nocturnal babes were still up, so Theo and I got our cameras and were taking pictures of them, trying politely to push each other out of the way so we could get THE shot. That’s when Don walked in. He shook his head and said, “If I told people this is what you were doing at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, they’d never believe me.”

Or would they?

These little precious tree frogs are gorgeous and cute, with their big eyes and bright colors and teeny tiny size.

I told Don I felt a bit guilty spending money on the tree frogs and their habitat when I know I’m headed for pull-out-all-the-stops chemo and won’t be able to log as many hours at work. But he said, “You will be home and sometimes, so sick you won’t be able to do much besides gaze into their cage and watch these beautiful little creatures. It’ll make your heart happy when the rest of your body isn’t feeling so good. And that’s worth it.”

I’m with him on that one.



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29 01 2011

Your new froglets are adorable (or at least the one i see in the pic). And, Don, great answer. Hugs to you all.

29 01 2011

AFTER i clicked post comment, i noticed the boxes below to subscribe to this site. amy, maybe this is a bandaid fix for people to use to subscribe. presuming it works, it was as simple as clicking to post a comment, then noticing the boxes BELOW “post comment” and choosing “subscribe to this site by email.” Hope this helps.

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