How Am I Going to Make it Through?

25 01 2011

Lung biopsy was uneventful — went as it should have. Results should be back Friday. Afterwards was a different story. You must lie on your back and NOT TALK for two hours. During that time, a headache came on. I told the nurse twice, but she said I couldn’t have anything for it as I was not allowed to sit up and swallow a pill and sip water.

Ten minutes before my “waiting period” was up, I got a migraine. I started dry heaving and couldn’t stop. It was awful. The nurses pumped me full of anti-nausea meds and gave me a migraine med.

After clutching my head for several minutes and cursing every light, sound and smell, it finally started to ease. My beautiful niece Natalie was there by my side, holding a cold washcloth to my head. Don was there, too, telling me we are going to get through this.

I felt despair, wondering how we ARE going to get through this since I’m still in the testing stage and haven’t even started treatment yet and I’m already feeling ravaged and weak. That is a scary thought. One day at a time.
We just got home from the hospital. I am off to bed to rest for a while.



2 responses

25 01 2011

Sorry about the migrane and what lies ahead of you but with your family and friends, you will get through this!

25 01 2011

Im sorry you had such a rough day. You’ll have those, but you’ll also have days that are good, you’ll have Theo’s smile and Don’s love, and you’ll find strength in those things and all your friends and family’s thoughts and prayers. Hang on Amy. We love you.

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