Status Update! Looking for a Repeat!

1 02 2011

Here’s the Update! Just yesterday, the Email Subscription List on my blog grew from 8 to 272! Let’s make today a repeat!

If we climb to 500 today, we’ll have reached 5 percent of the 5,000 goal — in just 48 hours! That would be a wonderful stat to return home from chemo to!

Keep spreading the word!

— Amy Rauch Neilson




6 responses

1 02 2011
Molly MacDonald

Dear Amy,

My friend and fellow SurThrivor ™ Ellyn Davidson drove me to your blog . . . . I will be following your story, praying for peace as you go through more treatment and knowing God will use your story and fight to encourage others.

Just so you know The Pink Fund provides short term financial aid to women in treatment who have lost their stream of income, or who, because of side effects are unable to perform their job . . . .

1 02 2011
Julie LaMothe

Glad to help a fellow BRCA sister!

1 02 2011
Joi Morris

OK, done. I am on your list and I have added you to my blogroll!

Good luck and congrats on getting into the PARP trial.

1 02 2011
Eleanor Sun

Amy, I read about your book/blog/health updates on Facebook through mutual friend/acquaintances! Small world! My thoughts are with you. Let me know if there is anything ever I can do to help.

1 02 2011
Anne Osmer

Best of luck to you!

2 02 2011
Bob Adams

I sent a request for folks who registered at my website to subscribe to your blog when I had promised I’d never use the list for anything other than investing information. I cannot believe the number who responded saying so many kind words, how they will be praying for you, and that they registered at your blog–and are telling their friends to register. Amy, you touch people’s hearts.

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