A Boy and a Band-Aid

2 02 2011

My five-year-old son, Theo, can’t absorb all that is going on, but he knows this much: His Mommy is sick and he wants to help.

I often wear a tank top around the house. I’m always hot. It’s always been that way.

My incision where my port was placed last Friday is badly bruised and angry, in a 4 inch by 4 inch area just below my right shoulder that is streaked in yellows and purples. An attempt to cover it with a tank-top strap is futile.

This morning, Theo examined it carefully, gingerly, tipping his head to the side in little boy curiosity, wonder, inquisitiveness.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, Mommy. That’s a real ouchie!”

Then he disappeared upstairs. I thought maybe he’d hit his “overload” button, as has been often been the case lately.

But a minute later, he reappeared, holding a Band-Aid the clear, brilliant turquoise of Carribbean waters.

“Here, Mommy. This will make it feel better,” he said.

I bent down and he studied the boo-boo ever so seriously, then gently placed the bandage over the top, patting it ever so lightly.

“There!” he said with a sense of accomplishment. “All better!”

Anything and everything is better when it comes from the hands and heart of your little boy.

— Amy Rauch Neilson

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16 responses

2 02 2011
Lindsey Parker

Perfect combo to attack the beast! The magic elixir and a sons loving medical attention! You got this battle in the bag, Cuz!

2 02 2011
Margaret Neilson

He is so cute, just wants to make it all better just like mommy does for him.

2 02 2011
Jacquelyn Lynn Clement

Ahhh … It’s moments like this that you will hang on to when it gets rough. Bless Theo for wanting to make Mommy’s ouchie all better.

2 02 2011
Jacquelyn Salva

Awe how sweet

2 02 2011
brian Murphy

How touching, Amy . . . how beautiful!

2 02 2011
Molly MacDonald

Little boys are very sensitive to their mothers . . . . beautifully written and expressed. . . .

2 02 2011

What a sweet boy. He must have learned that from his parents! Remember these speical moments from a young boy’s eyes when it hard to get your head off the pillow. They will see you through.

2 02 2011
Danielle Neilson

That kid is so adorable! Don’t you wish everything could be fixed with a band aid?

3 02 2011
Beth Johnson

Okay, I was already in utter admiration of your strength and bravery, but this post has me in tears. My son is 4.5, and he does things like that, too, that just melt the heart. They really do make all the difference, and I hope beyond all hope that you beat this damn disease so you can get to enjoy a lifetime full of these moments.

Keep fighting the good fight, Amy!

3 02 2011

If Theo only knew just how much he does help his Mommy! (But, better watch out…he might get the “pet vet” toy out next!)

3 02 2011

Ahh…he is the sweetest little boy!….Bless his little heart!

3 02 2011
Ben Craine

Ellyn Davidson is my daughter, so we hear you. In fact, Ellyn inherited her BRCA gene mutation from me, so I am, indeed a member of the BRCA community. Kids are great, and you capture the moment very well.

3 02 2011
Margaret Stark

Sweet Theo is truly an earthly reward for your faith and hope girlfriend! Please tell him hello from all of us…Zeus and Ceasar too!

4 02 2011
candace kaloger

i often wore my husband’s sleeveless t shirt just for the freedom and air. it was still modest but almost like wearing nothing.

6 02 2011
Michelle Hicks

He is THE most amazing kid I know!! He is such a sweet soul Amy!

6 02 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

I know, Michelle! I will win this fight and stay here to raise him!

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