Because Frogs Gotta Eat, Too.

7 02 2011

Mr. Green Jeans, our Monkey Tiger Legged Tree Frog

Look up the phrase true friend in the dictionary, and one of the many definitions listed will be this:

Someone who stops by the pet store to buy fresh crickets for your frogs when you’re too sick to do so.

This past Saturday, that was my friend Kathy Stadtfeld, who, on her way to my house to clean out my fridge, do some laundry, and generally morph the place into something that could be a candidate for House Beautiful, swung by the pet store for a couple dozen fresh crickets.

To say that there’s a lot going on over here is an understatement. But the frogs gotta eat. And the toad, too.

Kathy arrived, all smiles and hugs, carrying a large, inflated plastic bag with the little critters running around the bottom. Inflated because after all, crickets gotta breathe. At least until I get them to my toad and frogs’ mouths.

Kathy is the kind of person who can not only take life’s lemons and make them lemonade, but serve it up in a huge glass pitcher with freshly-sliced lemons floating on top, lots of ice, and a sprinkling of curlycue lemon zest for good measure.

But that’s not all. Then, she’ll see the potential in the situation… and pounce on it.

Crickets made her think of summer, which made her think of picnics, which caused her to ask me this question when she came in the front door: “Do you have picnic stuff — you know, the basket, the plates, yada yada. I want to have an indoor picnic today.”

Not with me. With her honey. How sweet is that?

And yes, I not only have a picnic basket and all matching accessories (of course they match) — I have two.

So, she got to pick!

Back to the lemonade. Here’s how Kathy made the lemon of stopping by the pet store to pick up creepy crickets into a refreshing beverage on a warm summer’s day.

She bought a bag for herself. Large ones. Because she wanted them to chirp in the background while she and her significant other were on their indoor picnic later that day. And the guy at the pet store promised they would — but only if she bought the biggest ones.

She was rearranging some flowers for me when she noted, “I don’t hear any chirping.”

I said, “Give it time. They’ve probably got some performance anxiety going on.”

That’s my friend Kathy.

Go ahead. Look it up. True Friend. And I bet there’s a picture of her, to boot.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson
Photo Credit: Theodore D. Neilson




4 responses

7 02 2011

Amy!!! So sweet. Thank you! By the way… the crickets never chirped. But my honey and I did! ❤

7 02 2011
Molly MacDonald

A true friend in my definition is one who drove from her home in Ann Arbor to Rochester to pick up scones for my mother’s visitation at her church in Grosse Pointe, where my sister and I were receiving guests. And “Oh, while you are out in Rochester, would you mind stopping by the funeral home and picking up her ashes.?” She did it. Drove out of her way to pick up my mother for her own funeral, albeit, what was left of my mother!

7 02 2011

Amy hope you’re feeling better today!

7 02 2011
Jane Webster


As a long time NAIC practitioner, I have been one of your “readers” for many years. Continuing to follow and use the SSG has been made easier because of your ability to communicate via the iclub and the Better Investing Magazine.

I too have breast cancer. Two primary occurances which I chose to terminate in complete mastectomies in 1994 and 2005. I fortunately do not have the BRCA genes so my family’s chances will not be linked.

I have added you to my personal prayer list. My prayers are for you to continue to be upbeat as you are a role model for all of us.
May your friends and family focus on the “necessities” of life including crickets. My family continued to meet the needs of my bird pets who visit the birdbath and feeders outside my windows. These seemingly non-necessary things add to a patient’s ability to focus on the world around them rather than themselves.

Thank you for being you,


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