Status Update: Great News!

15 03 2011

I have GREAT news from yesterday’s visit to my oncologist, Dr. Dana Zakalik. I’ll share it in my very next blog post! It’s going to take me a little time to do the story justice, so hang in there. It’ll be worth the wait. I promise.

I’m out the door to chemotherapy. I just wanted you to know that great news is on the way — and to thank you for all of your very powerful prayers!

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




12 responses

15 03 2011
Chelsea L.

You’re welcome! ;-D

15 03 2011

Thank YOU, Amy!! You just brought a huge smile to MY face! As I am stressing about my job today, you put it all back in perspective just by an entry on your blog. I can’t wait to hear your great news!!! Our God is GREAT!!!!!

15 03 2011

I just got goose bumps Amy – Can’t Wait!!!

15 03 2011
Linda Stanislawski

waiting in anticipation

15 03 2011

So excited to hear your great news! 🙂

15 03 2011
Laurie Horn

You deserve every bit of great news you can get. I so want to be there Friday, but am in my 3rd week of bronchitis that I seem unable to shake, so… Where can Steve & I send a check in our absence?

15 03 2011
Laurie Horn

BTW, did you reach your goal of 5,000 subscribers. Where does the book stand?

15 03 2011
Sharon L-S

Awesome waiting on pins & needles
hugs & prayers

15 03 2011

I am so excited to hear your good news, hurry, hurry, hurry post!!

15 03 2011

OMG…I can hardly wait. I LOVE good news!

16 03 2011


16 03 2011

Hurry up.

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