The Ripple Effect

30 03 2011

As many of you know, I blog weekly for The Pink Fund. This week’s blog is titled The Ripple Effect, and begins:

Sometimes I feel so small, particularly in comparison to the enormity of the world around us. I think of the sheer numbers of people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan – numbers so big I can’t wrap my brain around them no matter how hard I try – and I feel miniscule.

I look up into the night sky in all its wonder, with the knowledge that the glow from a star shining down from above has traveled thousands of light years to reach me, even that the star may have burned out eons ago. And again, I feel tiny.

Those are the moments when I think to myself, “Do I really matter? Can one person really make a difference?”

The answer to both is a resounding “Yes.”

To read the rest of this blog, hop on over to The Pink Fund.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



2 responses

30 03 2011

Read it – and know the stone you have tossed has well rippled to me ;o)

30 03 2011

I’m with you. We never know the impact we have on others, good AND bad, or how far-reaching it will be. Good post!

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