A Little Spring from Abroad

6 04 2011

In full bloom. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer.

Yellow is my favorite color in the whole wide world. Always has been. Never been able to keep that a secret.

But then again, why should I?

Sunshiny yellow and yellow-gold are my favorite hues.

Spring is quite late for all of us here in Michigan, where the mercury, even on its tippy-toes, barely seems able to reach the 40-degree mark.

But over in Frankfurt, where my bff Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer lives, it’s a different story. The forsythia — my favorite bush! — are in full bloom, as are the daffodils.

If I can’t see them for myself outside my own window, I’m more than happy to live vicariously through Jennifer until I can. As can you.

Jennifer and I met in kindergarten at Beechview Elementary in Farmington Hills. Her Mom was an Avon representative at the time, and Jennifer used to come to school with a handful of tiny lipstick samples squirrled away in her pocket. At lunch time, we’d run for the farthest piece of playground equipment, put our backs up to it and try on as much lipstick as we could before the playground monitor discovered us — and the pink/red substance smeared across our faces.

All these years later, still the best of friends. I’ve been over to Germany a few times to see Jennifer, her husband, Juergen, and their three children. I played my saxophone in their wedding. They’ve taken me to the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera, and Juergen and I swam naked in the Mediterrean Sea. I know; I know. In America, that sounds scandalous. Trust me. In France, it’s quite platonic.

Theo and I were set to fly over to stay with the Stegbauers this month — until I got that awful knock on my medical condition door in January. That’s OK. It’s not a trip that’s been canceled. Only postponed.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




8 responses

6 04 2011
Sarah Zowada

What lovely memories! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

6 04 2011
M.E. Murray

Forsythia has always been my favorite flower…the harbinger of Spring…re-birth…new life…Bask in the promise of Spring Amy. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day…and remember to continue believing in miracles.
Spring reminds us that miracles do happen!

6 04 2011

Yellow isn’t my favorite color, but I DO love to see the forsythia in bloom. They are my sure sign that spring is here. Come on yellow!

6 04 2011
Susan Ager

Nothing like a photo of a bff, her lovely child, a hand-written love note and blazing forsythias to lift your spirits a bit. (When i was a child I thought they were “forCYNTHIAs.”)

6 04 2011
Cuz Lori

Yeppers Aim – it makes me happy! As do you! Enjoy the snooze, love ya!

6 04 2011
Sharon L-S

Amy it is a small world! We met (not face2face) via Better Investing. My daughter and her family (also BI members) now live in Frankfurt – actually, a suburb Bad Homborg. Just yesterday she emailed photos of the daffodils in bloom and some fritillarias also yellow.
Have a Great day and thanks for sharing such great memories.

6 04 2011
lucy (meau's friend)

if you haven’t seen this yet, i’m sure you will enjoy it. maybe even if you have heard of “the daffodil principal,” you will get your ‘yellow fix’ by watching this again. bless you, lucy

7 04 2011
lucy (meau's friend)

here’s the link to explain the reference to “the daffodil principle”

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