Status Update: Doctor’s Office

11 04 2011

At doctor’s office waiting to see my Oncologist and hoping for answers. Also hope I don’t start sobbing. I hate when I do that.

I smell hyacinths which remind me of Spring and miracles. Maybe I’ll pick some up on the way home.

Copyright 2011 Amy Rauch Neilson



9 responses

11 04 2011
Paul Vachon

I have my fingers crossed for you Amy!

11 04 2011
Amy Youngblood

I don’t suppose the ol “clementine peel” over the nose joke is going to cut it today? I know I really need to get some new material. Wishing you the best update possible and sending tons of light your way.

11 04 2011

I will keep praying extra hard until I read your next update!! Good Luck Amy!!

11 04 2011

Hugs and prayers.

11 04 2011
Rita O'Connor

Amy…you are always in my prayers, and in my
heart. You are brave…you are wonderful…you
will make it through just fine! Love, Mom Reet

11 04 2011

Keeping fingers and toes crossed! Hang in there!

11 04 2011

Hoping for a positive update for you and that your docs can learn better bedside manners and figure out how to all work together for you!
Love the hyacinths idea. Mmmmm. ((( hugs )))

11 04 2011
Rita P

Ahh, sweet Amy. Embrace the sadness and allow it to be.

11 04 2011
Lynn Collard

Our relay team keeps you in our thoughts and prayers. Saw Lindsay and Ed yesterday for a family dinner. I hope your Dr visit is positive like the beautiful sunny weather we had on Sunday and how nice it was to be filled with the sun and family. My husband’s relay team raised $1600. on Friday for a bowling fundraiser and my team raised $450.00 for a reading relay with students on Wednesday, so $2050.00 more to kick some cancer butt! Prayers on the way!

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