Status Update: X-Ray Results Are In

4 05 2011

I got a call from the Clinical Trials Nurse this afternoon. The results from my chest X-ray are back and I’m to see the doctor tomorrow at 12:40 p.m. — before my 2 p.m. chemotherapy infusion.

“Does that mean the news isn’t good?” I asked her, since I have to see the doctor.

Would they really have me see the doctor just to give me an all-clear?

You know I can’t tell you either way,” she said. “You know it’s against policy and I’d get myself into trouble.”

Sigh. Yes, I know. But you can’t blame a girl for trying.

So, now I wait. And I wonder.

I started feeling a pressure in my chest on Good Friday. It feels like an elephant is standing on my chest sometimes. This went on through Easter weekend, then it seemed to get a lot better, even disappear last week. Then, a few days ago, it started up again. So, my doc ordered the X-ray.

My gut tells me it’s related to my asthma — which was a very minor condition before this illness. I would use an inhaler, but only before exercising. Now, it seems any exertion can cause me this chest pressure, and it goes on for days. I also wonder if it’s related to exhaustion, or my body being worn down from the chemo.

But, of course, I worry. I worry that it’s something else  — like the tumors in my lungs have grown and they’re now causing this odd pressure. I find myself taking in deep breaths of air, expanding my lungs to full capacity — just to prove I can still do it.

So, I’m requesting prayers, please, that it’s nothing, nothing at all. A flare-up of my asthma. A slight chest cold. Something, anything that falls into the No Big Deal category.

I won’t be by myself when I get the results. Far from. My sister, Julie, my niece Natalie, and my bff Tabitha will be there along with my friend and former high school drum major Scott, who is my chemo buddy for the day. I hope he doesn’t mind being stuffed into a small exam room with a bunch of girls. But then again, why would he object to being surrounded by beautiful women?! (That’s always been my theory as to why he wanted to be drum major in the first place — you know, the job’s a real chick magnet!)

I’ll let you know the results as soon as I know.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




34 responses

4 05 2011
Alison Schwartz

Absolutely every part of my body is crossed for you Amy that the news is just what you want to hear. Thinking of you this evening. Let us know ASAP the news as we’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

4 05 2011
Scott Orwig

You finally figured me out. Chicks dig a big fuzzy hat.

I totally get the imagine-the-worst anxiety. It’s where I’ve been living the last few days. But really, how could all that chemo NOT wear you down and even aggravate your asthma? It’s very likely that is what’s going on.

Looking forward to good news tomorrow.

4 05 2011

Prayers are on the way. We are all there with you in spirit and hopefully you can feel our strength. Love you!

4 05 2011

Praying for you!!

4 05 2011

I don’t understand why it takes a day to get the results of a chest x-ray… but I blather with frustration for you… I had one in February – and they wanted to sit down with me to show me what the saw and didn’t see. They wanted to show me why they thought it was nothing serious. That is my prayer for why they want to meet with you too – to help you see and trust what they are telling you. I love you Aimes. Big prayers for you this week. All of them really.

4 05 2011
lucy (meau's friend)

prayers to the Father, Son, (His mother), the Spirit, St Peregrine, and anyone else who is listening right now. amen

4 05 2011
Jennifer Wolf

As always, praying. xoxox

4 05 2011
Rita P


4 05 2011
Deborah Ann Peters

Of course, I am sitting on pins and needles right along with you. Praying…praying…and then praying some more. Why is waiting so hard, and why does time fly by, except for when one is waiting? xoxo

4 05 2011

may His grace and mercy overwhelm you and may your spirit be so blessed by our mighty healing Father. Please let us know soon sweet lady!
Nikki (meaux’s neice) you must get well and come stay with me so you can play with Auntie!!!

4 05 2011

(((hugs))) and prayers going up asking His comfort for your worries.

Love you, Sparky.

4 05 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Right here with you and waiting to hear the good news! Hope the night goes by fast and tomorrow even faster! Love, hugs and prayers!!

4 05 2011

You are always in my prayers. Sending you a big hug!! Love ya.

4 05 2011
Cheryl Buck

That post from Jeff was really from me. Sorry about that. I do know all the boys are praying and pulling for you.

4 05 2011
Cheryl Buck

Sending you a big hug. Will thinking about you tomorrow. Love ya.

4 05 2011
Laura Kasischke

Praying and praying. xo

4 05 2011

You’re ALWAYS in my prayers and throughts.

4 05 2011

I wish I knew ur results I would have posted a big NO BIG DEAL AMY UR GOOD, but I have no clue. Wish an optimistic heart I sit here to tell u that u r so loved, respected and cared for that with this many ppl behind willow only help fight ur battle. I always tell u that ur gna b ok, bcuz u r. Tomorrow I will be attending mass in the early AM, my prayers and the whole mass will be dedicated to u tmrw. Rest assure my dearest, ur in good hands.

4 05 2011

Sending lots and lots of ‘no big deal’ prayers!

4 05 2011
Debby Neilson

My prayers are always with you

5 05 2011
Nancy Grubbs

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

5 05 2011

Prayers on their way.

5 05 2011
Sharon L-S

Prayers and virtual hugs going out to you. Remember it’s Cinco de Mayo so hoping it’s fantastic news to bring out the party mood.
as my brother says “Be Blessed”

5 05 2011

My prayers are with you Amy, today and always.

5 05 2011
Alice CFW

Thinking of you and praying for you always.
Crossing fingers and toes for good news.
Stay strong today! And if the waiting gets too unbearable, go outside and get some sunshine…. It IS going to be a good day!!!
Love U

5 05 2011
Elizabeth DeWaard

Sounds like asthma to me, Amy. Aria, Maggie, Mia, and Charlie will be praying, right along with me, for you.


5 05 2011

Shaking the no-big-deal bone! Prayers and good luck!

5 05 2011
Paul Vachon

Sending hugs, prayers and good thoguhts your way, Amy!


5 05 2011


5 05 2011

Aim, It is 1:50 on Thursday, and I am hoping that you received favorable results. I pray that you are filled with God’s spirit right now and that you can feel lots of love, courage and strength from him through your friends and family. I hope that you feel the warmth of the beautiful sun today on your beautiful face my friend.

5 05 2011
Carol Phillips

I will continue to pray as we did on Sunday for God’s healing hand to be on you. May God’s healing knock the socks off all the Doctors!

5 05 2011
Kathy. Baxter

You are in my prayers.

5 05 2011
Cathy Carey

Will be keeping you in my prayers, hang in there Amy. I’m glad you’ll have family and chemo buddy around when you hear the news so you can all celebrate.

6 05 2011

I know God is in control. I know God is in control. I know God it in control. Doesn’t make my eyes stop leaking, but I just keep praying and knowing God is in control. Thinking of you Amy.

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