Peace Comes in Shades of Pink

11 05 2011

We are at some place magical this week. My doctor said I could go, provided I keep the days short and take a nap. I, for once, am following directions.

That’s what I was doing Monday when Don and Theo met her.

Don and Theo were splashing in the pool. She was wading. She wanted to get her body wet, all the way to her neck. But not her hair. Not her bright pink hair.

Theo, who has not a shy bone in his body, struck up a conversation.

“I’m five and a half years old and I’m from Michigan,” he told her. “And we’re here all week and guess what else? I’m skipping school.” He whispered that last part.

There was a pause, then he prattled on.

“My Mommy just got me new Iron Man pajamas and I’m the smartest kid in the world.”

“Oh, you are, are you?” she said.


They splashed a bit and played, then Theo asked The Question.

“Why is your hair pink?”

She touched her short, kinky curly hair, which was hot pink and covered with glitter that sparkled in the sun.

“Well,” she said. “I’m celebrating.”

“What are you celebrating?” he asked, tilting his head, a quizzical expression on his face.

She leaned in.

“Do you know what breast cancer is?” she asked, quietly, tentatively.

“Yup. My Mom has some of that.”

Before she could reply, he dove under the water and swam away, leaving The Pink Lady with her mouth agape.

She turned to Don. “Is that true?” she asked.

Don told her the whole story of Me.

“Wow,” she said. “He really is one smart kid.”

Turns out that the Lady with the Pink hair also had Stage 4 breast cancer — four years ago. Not only that, she had the same rare tumor type — triple negative — that I do.

She comes to the most magical place on earth every May, as that is the month when the doctors gave her the All Clear: Remission.

“She will live to see him graduate from high school and get married,” she told Don. “No big deal. She’s going to be just fine.”

Funny how these gifts come in the most unexpected packages at the most unlikely of times. Because even though we are here, in the land of all things magical, I’d been having some major anxiety. Last week’s extra X-ray and CT Scan had me quite worried, and even when the results were A-OK, I couldn’t lose that feeling of fear, of terror, of being out of control over this THING in my body.

Then, Don came back to the room and told me the story of The Pink Lady. Relief swept over me. I couldn’t help but believe that this was yet another sign God had put in my path, to let me know that yes, it is going to be OK. After this hurricane, there will indeed be a rainbow. And it will light up the sky in shades of pink.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




22 responses

11 05 2011
Kim Santini

Amy, what a gift!! 🙂

11 05 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

We cross paths with those we are meant to and this was one of those moments. Enjoy the trip, magical moments and family fun in the sun! And yes, of course I had tears …….. but happy ones 🙂 xoxo

11 05 2011
Susan Maciolek

May pink rainbows reign supreme!

11 05 2011

Yeah. (((sigh))) Good post.

11 05 2011

Wow, that gave me tingles. Love it. Inspiration sometimes comes when we aren’t even looking!

11 05 2011
brian Murphy

Theo IS the smartest kid in the world . . . with the coolest parents!

11 05 2011

Love this story. Hoping the magic continues for you three – relax, breath, enjoy and giggle.

11 05 2011
M.E. Murray

Angels are everywhere, wearing every imaginable color of hair; even bright pink with glitter!!! There is no coincidence with God. How wonderful it must feel to get such clear messages straight from the source!! If I may: Psalm 139 verse 10 says, “Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand hold me fast”. I try to remember this everyday through every kind of trial…it gives me courage to know that God’s love and support is always holding me safely next to God’s heart.

11 05 2011

What a gift…

11 05 2011

I have “God-bumps” reading that…. WOW! No coincidences at all. She was sent your way.

11 05 2011
Linda Stanislawski

I too, believe it was a meeting planned by our loving God to encourage you.

11 05 2011

WOW – God works in miraculous ways. I believe too that was an Angel!! The pink hair, a warrior that also had Stage 4 Breast Cancer . . .with the same tumor!!! God is always with you Amy!

11 05 2011

What a lovely gift of encouragement!!!

11 05 2011
Paul Vachon


11 05 2011
Mary Cox

Amy – It occured to me this morning while praying for you dear one that there is nothing left to do but utterly depend on God ! Be Encouraged.


11 05 2011
Laurie Horn

It was absolutely a sign and what a beautiful and meaningful sign it was!

11 05 2011
Rita P

And one of these days you will be the same kind of angel to another family. I LOVE IT!!

11 05 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Rita P: I love that idea! And I will look forward to the day when it will be my turn to be that kind of angel to another family.

11 05 2011

hmm…..COOL… that’s all I can say Amy. His way of saying,”Be Still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 🙂

11 05 2011
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

as always Amy you are a true inspiration. I love this story. You always find the silver…or maybe the pink lining 🙂

11 05 2011
Karen Roth

What a fantastic story! A pink haired angel, complete with glitter!

13 05 2011
Sarah Zowada

Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow!!! thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

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