Fox 2 News: Success!

20 05 2011

Left to right: Rania from the Cancer Care Associates staff, me and Amy Lange from Fox 2 News. Photo by Don Neilson.

All went well with the Fox 2 news taping today. Reporter Amy Lange and cameraman Larry stopped first at Theo’s school to get some playground footage and some shots of Theo with his Mommy, then continued on to my chemotherapy appointment at the Royal Oak Beaumont Cancer Center.

Amy Lange interviewed Don and I at the hospital, and also was able to speak to my oncologist, Dr. Dana Zakalik — who is not only a marvelous doctor, but a woman on a mission to lick this disease. Her knowledge, insights, tireless work and drive to leave no stone unturned in the search for a cure for breast cancer are enough reason to tune in to this segment.

Fox 2 was also able to get some shots of me at my appointment. Amy and Larry were amazing — top-notch professionals.

The piece should air sometime next week. As soon as I know a date and time, I’ll pass it on to you.

In the meantime, I’m praying it will reach exactly the people who most need to hear it. All in God’s time and according to His plan.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




12 responses

20 05 2011
Jennifer Wolf

I so love you.

20 05 2011

You’ll have to link us rurals up north. =-)

20 05 2011
Deborah Ann Peters

You rock girl… graduation, taping the Fox special, the walk tomorrow. You are a girl on a mission!!

20 05 2011

Rock on Amy!! God has a plan for us all. Keep shining His light & glory through all of this mud!! Love ya girl!

20 05 2011

And on to Mitch…then the big “O”…keep on Aimers, keep on. Love ya!

20 05 2011

How wonderful!!!

21 05 2011

How nice for the exposure! And from your posts, things seem to be looking up. Congratulations. And FYI: “Amy interviewed Don and me” not “Don and I”. Publishers love correct English!.

21 05 2011

Amy Lange is indeed a real angel….we are really blessed to have such great local journalists like her and her peers in the Metro area…looking forward to your story

24 05 2011

Way to go Amy! So wonderful of you to share your story & bring hope & courage to those who need it! You ROCK!!!

25 05 2011
Judith Lange

Hi Amy,
Ever since I heard about your fight from my daughter, Amy Lange, I have been praying for you. Since we don’t get the FOX station here in Indiana, I know Amy will be posting the link to your story on Facebook. You sound like an incredibly courageous and upbeat person. Best wishes to you and your family and keep that amazing attitude. I am looking forward to reading your blogs and watching your story.

25 05 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Thank you, Judith. Amy is a warm, wonderful, bright person and I feel honored to know her. We here in the “D” call her an angel.

31 05 2011

I too had a bilateral mastectomy Oct 30, 2008 and reconstruction April 23, 2009.
I also have oncologist Dr. Dana Zakalik, but mainly see her colleague Dr. Hueben
My breast surgeon is Dr. Deborah Ruark and plastic surgeon Dr. Meininger.
My surgery was done at Troy Beaumont. So far, all my tests are coming in good. So I wish you all the best and my prayers will be with you to fight this. My motto is positive attitude and give it all you got. You have many Angels on your side to fight for you.

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