Status Update: Nausea. Ugh!

26 05 2011

I’m in week 2 of Round 6 of chemo and the nausea is really bad. Today is my last treatment for this round, and then I’ll be off until Tuesday, June 7! Hallelujah!

Looking forward to getting through today’s treatment, which is just one infusion of the PARP Inhibitor, so less brutal than Tuesday’s triple-play.

Then, it’s off to the Detroit Zoo tomorrow with my kid and his school! We’ve been looking forward to this field trip for months now. It’s a rain or shine event, so Mother Nature has no say over this one! (Should it rain, I can see Theo bending his classmates to his will and spending a lot of time in the amphibian house…).

Will be keeping my eyes on the prize during today’s chemo — a holiday weekend kicked off by the Zoo, with warmer temps and sunshine on the way!

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



10 responses

26 05 2011
Carol Clemens

FYI-Ginger tea with a tad of honey is a good nausea antidote. Keeping you in thought and prayer. Carol

26 05 2011


I hope that everything goes well with you today, and you feel strong enough to go on that field trip. I remember those with Stanley… My thought and prayers are with you always.

Love Ya

26 05 2011

Ive heard of that tea and honey remedy also, actually it came from mom. Get lots of rest tonight as I KNOW you and Theo will have a wonderful time tomorrow. Love ya!

26 05 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Mom Reet is one smart lady and I’ve listened to (and prospered from) her advice many a time!

26 05 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Hope today flies by for you so that the Friday fun can begin and continue through the weekend and next week!

26 05 2011
Amy Youngblood

What a great way to kick of the weekend with a trip to the zoo. I can’t wait for the long weekend always love em, lots of fun, relaxation, no appointments. Heres to sunshine enjoy your friends and family and see you Monday at 10!

26 05 2011
Jennifer Wolf

Even better set-up for me and the mom-mobile! I’ll include a barf bag.

26 05 2011

Man, I hate nausea!! If I think about it long enough(which I won’t) I can taste the saline and smell the adriamycin. Yuck…I will be lifting you up to the Great Physician today Amy! Keep your eye on the prize girl–live in today!
Love in Christ Jesus,
Another Sur “Thriver” gal!

26 05 2011
Cathy Carey

Oh how I remember those days. Chemo 3 weeks apart, violently ill for 15 days following every. single.time.

30 05 2011
Michelle Cotter

Hi Amy….You are surely not alone. I too have stage 4 breast cancer from day one. Mine was estrogen induced. So my diagnosis was not at all easy from the start. I was either going to get worse quickly or keep it at bay. I was diagnosed June 2008. I also had uterine cancer after the hysterectomy and my cancer had spread to the lungs. God has a purpose for me. Maybe to be inspirational for others. I don’t have an answer. Stay strong mentally and physically as much as possible especially for your little guy and be positive all the time. I was told by my nurses at U of M that they look forward to seeing me because I lift them up when I come in. So important when you are in our positions. I say there is always someone else worse than me. Like our troups fighting a never ending battle and losing limbs. Take care and good luck. Would like to keep in touch. Michelle

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