13 07 2011

I just had to drink two tall styrofoam containers full of this liquid that tasted the way pool chlorine smells. It is contrast fluid for the CT Scan. UGH! AND they made me skip lunch! Do these people sit around and THINK of ways to torture others? Yikes! 🙂

On my way to the test shortly.

(My bff Anita Griglio Kelly is bringing me carry-out from Olga’s Kitchen after the test…heavenly…)

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




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13 07 2011

All I can say is that I am thinking and thinking and thinking of you…sending beautiful positive energy.

13 07 2011
Mark Robertson

No, they don’t merely sit around thinking randomly. There are nightly coordinated brainstorming sessions on how to torture you next. (VERY BIG GRIN) Beware floating Baby Ruth bars in that swimming pool tonic.

13 07 2011

thank you, Lord, for BFFs… and Olga’s… knees bent, lifting you up. love and light.

13 07 2011
Chelsea L.

Ace that test, Amy! ;-D

13 07 2011
Laurie Horn

I would be hard-pressed to keep that down. You are amazing!! Olga’s coming soon!!

13 07 2011
Marie Petrides

Hi Amy although you dont know me. I am following your blog, I am also fighting your fight. I am battling stage4 breast cancer with mets to lungs. Please stay strong and I wish you the best on your scans as my doctors say to me for people like us STABLE is a HOMERUN!!!! keep fighting the fight.Thinking of you as you are being scanned…….Marie Petrides

13 07 2011
Bob Day

I was offered a cherry flavored contrast for the CT Scan. Dont be fooled. If they offer it, take the chloroine flavor every time. Trust me on this. Praying everything is going the right way Amy. Use this time to get the rest your body is craving.

13 07 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Homerun for you! You just made me laugh out loud! Of course since Im in isolation there is no one here to hear it…

13 07 2011
Janine Sieja

Amy, I’ve been under a rock for six months (cross-country move) and just noticed that you’re facing what can only be called a Major Life Challenge. I am rooting for you!! Good luck. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your recent blog posts, so full of life and joy and insight.

13 07 2011

You are a strong, amazing woman Amy…..and still in my prayers! Thank God for your friend coming later with the non-hospital food. She’s an Angel. 🙂 I hate hospitals too!

13 07 2011

I rather like to think that you are blessed to have amazing medical minds that brainstorm all night on how to heal the body of infections and cancer! After all, THEY ARE ON YOUR SIDE!

Lord, thank you for the medical staff that is treating Amy. Please bless them with all the tools they need to treat her and make her healthy. AMEN!

13 07 2011
Bonnie didn’t get the raspberry flavored ones?!?!
Yucky stuff I know…I have had to premedicate b/c I react to the contrast dye so I’m zippin’ on prednisone afterwards. I hate that stuff!

I am praying for you Amy. I am so thankful for the dear friends you have to love on you and bring you yummy food. Count your blessings, name them one by have many in all your support teams.
Love and prayers,
Bonnie Z.
Breast cancer survivor of 4 years.

13 07 2011
Deborah Ann Peters

Stay strong Amy! praying for good results with the test, and waiting on bended knees for the results.

13 07 2011

Olgas! Glad to hear your peops are importing sunshine for you! Keep rockin out the laughter to get the good juice in your bod love. {prayers still coming strong}

13 07 2011
Angie Glitz

Amy, I’ve been praying for you and will continue to. I miss your laugh on Tuesday mornings. Love you.

14 07 2011
Kim Peterson

Borneo rainbow toad seen for 1st time in 87 years

It’s a sign!!!!!! He came out just because he knew you needed some good news.

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