Status Update: Homeward Bound!

16 07 2011

Simon and Garfunkel would be jealous. They sang about wishing they were homeward bound. But I actually AM!

They are springing me from this place this morning. Hallelujah! I’m just waiting for the Oncology team to make their rounds and, once they sign the paperwork, I’m outta here!

I actually had a taste of freedom last evening as the head docs from Infectious Disease and Dermatology both signed off on me and said I was ready to go home. I was quite pleasantly surprised by that turn in events as I’d been told to expect to be here til Monday.

Don and Theo were here with me, visiting. We were trying to do a modified version of our Friday Night family thing in my hospital room. The summer sky was gorgeous and it was so clear that we could see the RenCen and the rest of the Detroit Skyline from my hospital window. Theo was snuggled into bed beside me, watching an episode of Transformers on my iPad, when they told me I could start packing.

You’ve never seen such a whirlwind — IV pole and all. We got me packed up in minutes and I was sitting on the edge of my bed (and my seat) when the nurse came in and told me there was a glitch. They couldn’t find anyone from the Oncology Team to sign off on me. The rules (you KNOW how I feel about rules, and for good reason!) state that someone from Oncology must either be present at the hospital to sign off on me, or he or she can do it electronically via computer from elsewhere. It has to be someone who had seen me at some point this week. None of the team members who had seen me was here and those who were reachable didn’t have computer access, wherever they were.

By this time, it was 9:15 and I was exhausted from a long day that ended with several biopsies of my sores, which was painful and I ached. So, I knew I could do this another 12 hours, even if what I truly wanted was to get in the car with my boys, roll the windows down and let the fresh summer air fill my lungs,

Theo was my heartbreak. As soon as he heard that Mommy wasn’t going to be able to come home after all, he collapsed into a heap of sobs and little boy kicking. He exhibited what we were all feeling.

My heart ached for him, as I know this has been a tough, confusing week for him and knew how much he wanted and needed me home. I wrapped him into my arms and rocked him and promised that everything was going to be OK; Mommy really was coming home in the morning.

“But what if you don’t?” he said. And we understood. He, like us, had been hearing all week tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. And though Don and I understood, Theo, after all, is only 5. And his question was logical.

Indeed I AM coming home today, and what a homecoming it will be! I have learned so much this week, medically, spiritually, and have much to share with you after I get settled in.

Thank you for all of your notes, blog comments, and most of all, prayers this week. I can assure you that not only did the Great Physician hear them, He answered them.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




18 responses

16 07 2011

So happy you are going home Amy.Wish you hadn’t had to spend another night in hospital because of those rules……..such a shame that they couldn’t have found the right doctor to `sign off’. Have a lovely weekend with your family.

16 07 2011

Wonderful day it is today!! So happy about your progress!

16 07 2011

yay!! Cheers from Montreal for you Amy.

16 07 2011
Carrie, Jim, Logan and Mara

Good for you, it is about time. Love you Carrie and family

16 07 2011


16 07 2011
Rita O'Connor

How are the rest of us ever going to earn our wings Amy, when you set the
bar so high! Love you….Mom Reet

16 07 2011
Paul Vachon


16 07 2011
John Eckardt

I miss seeing you, you and the boys (Men) have a great weekend!

16 07 2011
Laurie Horn

Great news! Going home is always good!

16 07 2011
Debby Neilson

So glad you are getting to go home. Love you

16 07 2011
Karen J. H.

Thank the Lord for the good blessings coming your way this week. The rest of us are going to continue sending the prayers and best wishes your way.

16 07 2011
Marie Petrides

Amy so happy with the turn of events…..wishing you and your family piece of mind and I wish for you strength in mind and body always! Enjoy your weekend and take care……

16 07 2011

Great news! Have a super great weekend at home with your family.

Prayers and hugs to all.

16 07 2011
Deborah Ann Peters

Enjoy home!!

16 07 2011
amy youngblood

i felt it in my heart you would be home this wknd. i visualized you on the boat with a medium softserve twist to follow! enjoy your homecoming and the rest of your weekend.

16 07 2011
Helene Rabinowitz

Yeah!!!! You have been sprung; there must be a spring in your step….and take care of yourself dear Amy. Love to you all.

16 07 2011
Bob Adams

Everything has all already been said…so DITTO.

16 07 2011
Chelsea Lowe

Lovely to read this good news

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