A Perfect Night for a Luau

8 08 2011

Yes, that's a REAL Star Gazer Lily in my hair! Photo by Donald A. Neilson.

The theme for my bff Mollie Finch’s 30th Birthday Bash on Saturday night was Hawaiian Luau. And it just so happened…that Katherine Rose, a local florist and friend, had sent me an amazing, four-foot-tall Star Gazer Lily plant overflowing with fragrant blossoms last week.

I looked at it as I was getting ready Saturday night and thought, “Why not?”

I picked a pretty one, just the right size.


A few bobby pins and it was all good.

And yes, people not only leaned in to hug me all evening, but to smell my flower as well. I insisted.

Star Gazer lilies are my favorite flower. I first noticed them in the late 1990s, when they were part of a centerpiece at an event I was attending at my alma mater, Oakland University. I couldn’t get over how their sweet fragrance filled the room and I just love the flower’s other-worldly name.

So, I made a mental note, and when I married Don on July 4, 1999, I carried a large bouquet of Star Gazer lilies so that my wedding day — and my memories — would be infused with that delicate, sweet scent. Don gets me a bouquet of them every year for our anniversary, and as a surprise several times in between. That’s how the local florist, Katherine Rose, knew just what to pick out for me last week.

Don, Theo and I all had the Hawaiian theme going for us in one way or another. It was a fun night filled with great friends and happy times. Those are not only good for the soul, but good for the body and healing, as well. I continue to read and study about the mind-body connection. There’s a lot of scientific evidence to prove that indeed, people who are surrounded by loving friends and family statistically live longer, much longer, than their lonelier counterparts.

A few people at the party, who hadn’t seen me in a little while, remarked that I’m looking dramatically healthier than I did even a few months ago. I feel it, too.

I am very blessed to have all of you surrounding me with your love, prayers, and strength.

Keep it up. It’s working.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




7 responses

8 08 2011

You look beautiful.

8 08 2011

You sure do……pretty in pink!

8 08 2011
Marie Petrides

Amy you look beautiful…..keep smiling. Today I got my homerun news. All scans were stable…..thank God!…….as for the mind and body connection I am a firm believer that it is infact a must. I have been participating in a number of Eastern Medicine treatments. One that is very beneficial for the mind and body is TongRen therapy. If you are interested please look into it. If you have any questions please feel free to emailing me at ree1065@aol.com…….Sending happy and healing thoughts your way!

8 08 2011
Carol Clemens

I’m also a big believer in hug power. Consider yourself given a big bear hug long-distance!


8 08 2011
Paul Vachon

Ditto to what Carol just said!


8 08 2011
Sarah Ludwig Rausch

Beautiful Amy, you are an inspiration to me on a daily basis. Your love and zest for life remind me to not take the little things so much to heart and to enjoy the blessings life brings. You are a beautiful person, inside and out! I love your Star Gazer Lily. Gorgeous, as are you.

9 08 2011

Amy, you look so beautiful and healthy and ….PINK! I’m going to find one of those flowers at the shop behind here and smell it. If its as scented as it looks, I might have to have a new flower! LOL

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