My BFF Swoops in from Germany

15 09 2011
My bff Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer, just in from Germany, visiting Theo’s classroom this morning. Jennifer and I were Theo’s age when we met! Photo by Amy Rauch Neilson.

What a treat! My bff Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer is in town and I had the joy of picking her up from the airport yesterday and she will be spending the day with me today.

First thing this morning, she accompanied me as I drove Theo to school. She got to peek inside his classroom, where he proudly showed her all around, introduced her to his teacher, Mrs. Sullivan, his friends, and showed her his learning materials. He is so excited about school — what a continuous happy square that is in our lives!
Jennifer, who speaks fluent German and French, was able to converse with Theo’s best friend, Kai, who also speaks fluent German. What fun! She also used the globe (above) to show Theo where she lives, and Theo, in turn, pointed out where we are! So cute!
We will be meeting our mutual friend and high school classmate Scott Orwig for lunch, then Jennifer will take me to chemotherapy this afternoon.
Tuesday’s dose was the first time I went through a round without Gemzar, so I got just the Carboplatin and PARP inhibitor. I had really hoped it would make a difference in how I felt afterwards. It turned out to be a mixed bag. While I felt better than usual directly afterwards on Tuesday evening, and was able to have a bowl of soup with my family and read a couple of books to Theo before bed, Wednesday was a very rough day and I was pretty sick. Today it’s just a dose of the PARP inhibitor, so that should be, hopefully, easier to tolerate.
Whatever it is, it is. I’m thrilled to be seeing Jennifer and having lunch with Scott, and enjoying this beautiful, sunshiny day!
Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



4 responses

15 09 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Tell them both hi for me! How wonderful for Theo to show Jennifer around his school. He looks so grown up and adorable! Enjoy lunch and hopefully you will feel better. Big show this Saturday! Can’t wait !!

15 09 2011
brian Murphy

Beautiful picture!

15 09 2011
Rita P

You are a constant source of amazement, Amy. It’s no wonder you have dear beloved friends from all over. What a grand soul you are!

15 09 2011

Happy Square day…..

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