Three Clicks of My Heels And…

16 09 2011

The bouquet of flowers that arrived this afternoon from my sister, Julie, who lives in Houston. The card reads: "I hope tomorrow is wonderful...I love you to the Moon and Back. Big Sis."

After my earlier post featuring my glittery, Dorothy-style high heels for tomorrow’s catwalk, I couldn’t resist doing what some of you warned me not to.
I put the shoes on, squeezed my eyes shut, and tapped my heels together three times.
When I opened them, I was not in Kansas (thank God). But moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Fed-Ex.
I didn’t order anything Fed-Ex I thought to myself as the truck pulled away and I brought the box into the house.
I didn’t. But my Big Sis Julie did.
That long, slender box on my front porch was a bouquet of beautiful flowers with a note enclosed from my Big Sis, sending me her magic over the miles. A bouquet of flowers for the performance. Enchanting.
Then, I received the most beautiful and uplifting voicemail message from my Bras for a Cause Media Relations Committee counterpart, Rachel Hunt, who took me under her wing this year, my first as a Committee Member. Rachel, who is also a young breast cancer survivor, always seems to know exactly when to call, precisely when I most need to hear words of hope, faith, and long-term survival. “We have lots of work to do together, you and me,” she said. “For years and years to come.”
That we do, Rachel. That we do. Serendipitous.
Finally, at the 11th hour, a pair of tickets fell into my hands from the big heart of another Committee Member, Alex Shupe. These tickets will allow two beautiful ladies to attend tomorrow evening — one of them 88 years young and a five-year breast cancer survivor. Alex, I can’t thank you enough. Magical.
My advice? Go find your glitziest pair of shoes, put them on, and tap your heels together three times. Who knows what might happen?
But don’t be scared. I’ve already blazed this path.
Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



9 responses

16 09 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

AWESOME all around!

16 09 2011
Laura Kasischke

It’s only fitting that amazing things should happen for someone so amazing! xo

16 09 2011
Paul Vachon

I thought you were going to say that the floor became strewn with loose glitter!

Just a tease, Amy. I’m very happy for you. Have fun at the event!


16 09 2011


16 09 2011

Good luck tomorrow and I hope we get to see some pictures.
Take care.

16 09 2011

Beautiful! I can’t wait to see you somewhere other than Beaumont!!! You are going to rock the house!

16 09 2011
Ken and Gay

You’ve already blazed more paths than anyone could imagine dearest Amy Enchanted!! Of course we will not be afraid following in your footsteps our only concern will be keeping up!! You will shine tomorrow night to say nothing of your feet – they will truly sparkle!! I can see a new careeer for you, shoe designer extra – ordinary to say the least!! We love you and you will be in our thoughts, hearts and prayers!!! Remember 1 foot in front of the other, that’s the ticket!!!! Hugs, K. & G. XXX000

17 09 2011
Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer

A new twist on Dorothy, you clicked your heels and home came to you in form of flowers from your sister. Have a great evening with all of those fabulous women.

17 09 2011
Helene Rabinowitz

You go out there and rock Amy; glitter, sparkles, lights, and the positive force of your dynamic self. Have a great time, Love you

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