And Cotton-Batting Filled Monopoly Players?

7 10 2011
Monopoly for Four? Photo by Amy Rauch Neilson.

At first I said no.

Theo wanted to play Monopoly Junior this morning with me and I was all in for that. But then he wanted to see what the game would be like with four players, and tried to convince me that Bunny and Fishy should play the other two positions.
That sounded laborious at best.
“No,” I told him. “That would just be sooo complicated, honey.”
But he persisted, setting up the animals, choosing their pawns, doling out their starter money.
Sigh. Really, who was I to discourage such imagination?
“Well, I suppose we could give this a try,” I said.
We did. And though it was a little chaotic, it was also a lot of fun.
Theo belly-laughed when Fishy, Bunny or I landed on his property. Now he had three players to compete against, three players to collect “rent” from.
What a hoot. Or should I say, a hop. Or a dip in the pond.
We are making memories I hope he never forgets. I know I won’t.
Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



5 responses

7 10 2011
Kristi Kahl

The imagination of a child is endless and an amazing gift! Enjoy the good times and memories made to last a lifetime!

7 10 2011
Scot Orwig

A lot of kids would only have Bunny and Fishy to play with. Theo is lucky he’s got a Mom who will play along!

7 10 2011

Both you and Theo amaze me.

7 10 2011

I must agree with Scot. You are a loving caring Mom who is there for your little boy. (BTW….I will be back in MI in only 20 days…..yippee)

10 10 2011
Rita O'Connor

Amy…what a great MOM you are! Love, Mom Reet

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