Cautiously Victorious

12 10 2011
This morning’s breakfast — green go-go juice! Yummy! Photo by Amy Rauch Neilson.

The first thing that came to mind after I saw the fruits — and veggies — of my labor begin to drizzle into the bottom cup of my juicer was the color. Green. Grass green. First leaves of spring green.

Oh who cares what color green? The fact that it was green was plenty for starters.

And then, Dr. Suess’s beloved Green Eggs and Ham. Would I, could I drink this on a train? Or throw it down my kitchen drain?
Neither. In the end, I, like Dr. Suess’s character, tried it — and though my palate wasn’t quite as thrilled as his, I’m OK with it. I’ve become a daily juicer and, after a few adjustments, it’s getting a bit tastier (first batch mishap — Theo threw in three inches of raw ginger root when I wasn’t looking. I about burned my lips off on the first sip of that concoction!)
But most importantly, I believe it works. It is working. Just yesterday, my oncologist performed a manual exam of my left breast, and guess what she found? NOTHING! She could not feel the tumor, no matter how hard she pressed or from what angle! That is amazing progress! I feel cautiously hopeful — no, make that cautiously victorious, that remission may be within sight, the light at end of the tunnel not too far away.
It does not mean that my breast tumor is completely gone, but that is the most hopeful sign of that that we’ve noted since my Jan. 12, 2011 diagnosis. Back on Jan. 10, when I discovered the tumor, it was so large I felt it through my sweatshirt when my forearm grazed my left breast. I felt it through thick sweatshirt material. That’s quite a difference from what the manual exam concluded yesterday.
And there is still the matter of ridding my body of the small tumors in my lungs and possibly my liver (my lung tumors were biopsied; my liver was not). But little by little, I will whittle away at them with the chemo, green go-go juice, vitamins, and whatever else I come across through my own studies and the direction and advice of Dr. Waldo, the specialist I’m seeing in Indianapolis, that will cause my body to reject the breast cancer cells for their rightful healthy counterparts.
I believe that our best chance of success when we’re faced with such a devious and calculating foe is to attack it from all angles: Chemotherapy, diet, supplements. I’ve changed my diet tremendously since mid-July, when I first saw Dr. Ralph Waldo, an MD, biochemist and Ph.D. in Indianapolis who specializes in individualizing your treatment based on what he discovers about your body at the blood cellular and DNA level. I go for my recheck next week and I’m very excited.
Though I missed many sessions of chemo over the summer due to low blood counts and hospitalization, my very best scan so far came back Aug. 30 — six weeks after I started following Dr. Waldo’s basic food and supplement directions.
Juicing is the next step, something that’s come highly recommended to me by cancer survivors everywhere. And I’ve continued to read and read and read and study all the information that’s out there. One of the most fascinating facts I’ve come across from several different resources lately is this:
One fundamental quality of green juice recipes is chlorophyll, which is the product of plants turning light into energy for
insects and animals to eat. Without this, life as we know it, would not exist. Some of the many amazing benefits of chlorophyll include; powerful detoxifying properties including that of the liver, as well as removing unfriendly bacteria,
parasites and mold. Chlorophyll can also improve our blood quality due to its molecular make up, similar to hemoglobin.
It helps increase red blood cell count and increases the movement of oxygen throughout our blood. It also helps the repair and growth of all tissues in the body. (Source:
How fascinating is that? I’m hoping that I will be able to naturally keep my red blood cells at a healthy, normal level, perhaps avoiding the need for future blood transfusions — or at least, delaying my need for them.
And, of course, I believe God and all of your continued prayers have played a huge role in my slow and steady progress. Thank you for that. I will win the race.
Please keep it up and, while you are on your knees, please also include prayers for my niece Natalie, who will undergo a preventive double mastectomy tomorrow at the age of 27. What a courageous, beautiful young lady she is. I am so very proud of her and the very tough decision she’s made. She is at peace with it and I marvel at her rock-solid faith and confidence to just go in there and get ‘er done. I come from a family of very brave women of whom I am in awe of and so very proud.
I pray that makes the difference — that she will never have to face the road I’m currently on. That’s the goal. And in the meantime, I’m headed back to the kitchen for some more of that green go-go juice. I’ll find a recipe that I love yet!
Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



15 responses

12 10 2011
Laura Kasischke

This is all such great news! Keep doing whatever you’re doing! I discovered green smoothies, too (I bought a book, but lost it–basic idea is get a blender, throw kale etc in it with water or orange juice and fruit). I don’t know why I always thought you couldn’t blend kale or bok choy in a blender. You can. And with fruit it tastes good. Just make sure there’s enough liquid. I even throw in the occasional white mushroom or two, which you can’t taste if there’s, say, strawberries in there. xoxoxo

12 10 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Laura, I am on my way! You and I will be collaborating soon! Still up for mentoring/guiding me through my draft?

12 10 2011
Maija Kibens

Amy, what marvelous news! Go green!! Hugs & beaming smile going your way.

12 10 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson


12 10 2011
Linda Stanislawski

I think I’ll go drink something green and healthy. 🙂

12 10 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson


12 10 2011

Dear Amy and Natalie

My very brave sister had the preventative double mastectomy in may 2010. She had the mutation I don’t. She did so well. We used colloidal silver and caledula cream. The first keeps the wounds super clean the later moisturizers and removes the red scars. She is under the royal mars den. Natalie you are so brave. Nic is on the last stage, she has her fake nipples and is waiting for her tattoos. Be brave, it is hard but we watched our mum, aunts, uncles and cousin fight breast cancer, I know you have the same. We are thinking and praying for you. You are not alone but you are part of a very small brave group. Heal well
Danielle and Nicole

12 10 2011

First I wanted to tell you I was sorry to hear about your recent loss of a friend. However I am very happy to hear about your progress!! Wonderful, amazing progress. I will also pray for your niece. I cannot imagine being in either of your shoes and obviously if she has a quarter of your courage, she will do remarkable.
I also have to thank you for the continuous suggestions on healthy habits for fighting this war on cancer. I need to become more proactive in prevention myself, my grandma is a breast cancer survivor and I just lost my grandfather to pancreatic cancer. So I see a juicer in my future! Wishing you well!

12 10 2011


I am so happy for you! What a wonderful news! Keep drinking green… it’s working.
I know you are doing tons of researches but have you heard of the Gerson therapy? Just in case you haven’t… I recently watched a documentary called The Gerson Miracle. It’s about stories of cancer survivors who followed the Gerson therapy. Very very interesting program! Go watch it if you haven’t!

12 10 2011
Debbie Loumakis

What is your recipe? I have a good healthy pumpkin smoothie if you want it!

12 10 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Post the recipe, Deb!

12 10 2011
Julie Meador

I have been green juicing for about 2 weeks now. Interwsting, some of my normal aches and pains have gone away. Coincidence? Who knows, but I do know that I am getting more raw b=veggies and fruits in my on a daily basis. Here’s one of my favorite recipes for a blender:
1/2 lime or lemon remove as little of the outside as possible keeping white, outside is bitter (if using lemons, remove the seeds).
2 cups water
2 very large handfulls of spinach
Fruit of choice – my favorite is spear of pineapple, 1 apple and 1 banana
Squirt of Agave
Blend until smooth….yum!!!

12 10 2011
Mimi R.

A veggie “juicer” relative has told me that adding a kiwi smooths out and brightens the juice.

12 10 2011
Ken and Gay

Dearest Amy, This is such encouraging news!!! We know those tumors are all scared out of their wits and on the run!!! GO GREEN girl, go green!! Hmmmm wonder if your complextion will take on a greenish hue? I think in that case you’ll be ready for St. Patricks day next Mar. – He he he!!
We will keep Natalie in our prayers and know you will be there for her every step of the way just as she has been for you. The women in your family were born with genes far stronger than the cancer gene – a strong spirit, courage, bravery and giving, loving hearts are all inherited qualities you will pass on to each generation.

13 10 2011
Rita O'Connor

Amy darlin’…You are touching the lives of so many people in wonderful ways!
You have my prayers and love and admiration. Keep a-going, dear one.
Mom Reet

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