Status Update: All seems fine!

20 10 2011

On my way home! Port checked out fine with what they call a flush and good blood return. I was able to get chemo and am now off til Nov. 1!

They sent me for a CT Scan with results to come stat, but the doc checked me thoroughly and all seems ok. I am sooo relieved and thankful.

We are off to Indianapolis tomorrow! Praise God!



14 responses

20 10 2011
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Glad to hear everything is fine! Have a safe trip !

20 10 2011

Yay (exhale..)
Have a safe and relaxing trip!

20 10 2011
Mary Cox

“HALLELUJAH” , indeed ! Thoughs and prayers are with you – have a blast in Indianapolis.

20 10 2011
Sharon Frisch

Glad things are ok. Praying you have a safe trip 🙂

20 10 2011

I am so glad all is good and you go and relax, enjoy your weekend and the week of no chemo, Dr’s or hospitals!

20 10 2011
Rita P

DITTO to what Marnie said. Thank you, Lord!

20 10 2011
Sarah Zowada

Praise God!!! Have a safe, informaive and wonderful trip!!

20 10 2011

Yeah God…have fun

20 10 2011
Carol Clemens

Whew! Will be looking for your tales of Indianapolis!

20 10 2011
Linda Stanislawski

So glad to hear your good news. Thank you Lord!

20 10 2011

Praise God Indeed! Amen!

21 10 2011
Jennifer Weallans

Keep on plugging away! Have a safe and fabulous trip. So happy for your good news and continued good news.

21 10 2011

Good News!!!! ” Happy squares” time!!! Have a safe trip.

23 10 2011
Aunt Doris

I agree with all the other replies. Yeah, God! Hallelujah! Have a great time in Indianapolis. love you guys.

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