Status Update: Stable

3 11 2011

Don took me to chemotherapy today as we knew I would be getting test results back from Tuesday’s Xrays and MRI. The Xrays, thankfully, do NOT show any broken ribs. That is a positive on so many levels — most of all because it means I don’t have a breast cancer metastasis to my rib bones. My oncologist also feels confident that the shadow the radiologist picked up on my spine is not cancer, either. They will keep an eye on it, but for now, she said it could be just the way the imaging was done or could be something I’ve had there my whole life, and just never knew it because no one has ever looked that closely.
A downer for me is that I will need to stay on my current chemo schedule and regimen indefinitely. While I am relieved that my oncologist is happy with how well I am doing on this protocol, it is difficult to imagine an endless routine of two weeks on, one week off.
My hope lies in prayer, as well as in whatever may come of my new diet and supplement program from Dr. Waldo in Indianapolis, as well as the possibility of help from Dr. Burzynski in Houston, should it turn out that I am a match for one of his protocols.
That’s the update for now. I wanted to share with you today’s results, but now I’m in need of some rest.
Thank you for your kind words and ongoing prayers.




14 responses

3 11 2011
Laurie Horn

Oh, Amy you are never far from my thoughts. Prayers to you for strength in healing and always positive energy!!! Love you so much.

3 11 2011
Mimi Rauschelbach

Wonderful news! Thank you so much for letting us know.

3 11 2011

Get some hard-earned rest……..tomorrow is another day, and just around the corner could be some new medicine that would make the chemo regime unnecessary. We’re all praying for that.

3 11 2011
Rita P

Amy, not long ago they told people with other cancers they’d have to stay on the same chemo regimen forever — then came new discoveries.
Today . . . this moment . . . is all that matters. When we take care of ourselves, the power much greater than us returns our efforts multifold. Rest peacefully.

3 11 2011
Debbie V

Amy, I too will be on a chemo regimen for the rest of my life so I know exactly how you feel. I always read your posts first time I’m leaving a reply. You will be in my prayers tonight I know its a lot to take in. Rest up and all the best to you and your family.

3 11 2011
brian Murphy

Always thinking of uyou, Amy, and sending you love and wishing you well . . . very, very well. –Brian

4 11 2011
Ken and Gay

Good news dear Amy, that is the focus for today! Just hang on to the positive and the Lord will take care of the rest!

4 11 2011

Glad to hear the possitive news and just be strong and know how much you are loved from everyone around you!

4 11 2011
Paul Vachon

Holding you and your family in my thoughts.


4 11 2011

Great news!! Prayers and tons of positivity being sent your way girl!

4 11 2011
Maija Kibens

Amy, Bob and I watched the movie Burzynski very recently and I am so glad you are looking into the possibility of seeing him. Let’s hope that the match comes through. His work is very impressive. Meanwhile, glad to hear the good news about the ribs, and wishing you the best of r&r. Much love!

4 11 2011

One day at a time girl. Prayers are coming your way in volumes.

5 11 2011

Praise God!

5 11 2011
Linda Stanislawski

Thank you for updating us. We are standing with you for continued good reports and health.

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