I Called…And Hope Answered!

6 11 2011

So, I had just pressed “publish” on the new blog post I wrote this evening when this new link and headline popped up in my e-mail box from the National Cancer Research Institute:

First Evidence of New “Druggable” DNA Repair Target to Destroy Cancer Cells

It just so happens that this latest news involves the PARP Inhibitor — a new discovery and possibly even more effective or additional version of the very drug I’m on.

The article speaks to blocking a key DNA damage repair enzyme called APE1:

This technique of blocking two repair routes is already being used with a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors. These prevent cells fixing faults in BRCA-deficient cells by blocking PARP, a key enzyme in the same repair pathway as APE1.

APE1, like PARP, is essential for carrying out a type of DNA damage repair – removing and correcting faulty DNA components – but has a more specific role in this repair process compared to the PARP enzymes.

The research suggests that APE1 could provide an additional drug target to PARP.

Looks like more great news on the horizon for people like me, who carry a fault in either the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene.

What are the chances that this news would appear in my in-box at that very moment?

Hope is alive, indeed.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



10 responses

6 11 2011

No “monkey” business about it….this is GREAT news!! APE1 to the rescue!

6 11 2011

Hope is alive, indeed. Sounds a bit like the conversation we had earlier. There is always something right around the corner! Love you a bit. Lp

6 11 2011

Great news…….really happy for you and all the other women who will benefit. You should sleep well tonight!

6 11 2011
Maija Kibens

Wow!! Perfect timing with such a great development!

6 11 2011
Rita P

Ahhh, nothing short of FABULOUS timing!

7 11 2011

Yeah! That is great timing and great news!!

7 11 2011
Sharon L-S

Wonderful news. Hope you can get this added to your therapy.
Hugs and prayers.

7 11 2011

Great New Amy!… Someone upstairs made sure that you got that email when you did. A lot of people are praying for you and keeping you in their prayers.


7 11 2011

Wow, great news, and what timing!

7 11 2011
lucy (meau's friend)

A wonderful Jewish lady once used the phrase “Kosher Choreographer”
to describe God. Obviously kosher because she is Jewish and that means doing things in the proper way according to Jewish custom…..and Choreographer because He is the one who plans the steps of the dance. when we learn to dance well, following His lead, life is fillled with such joy and peace. May you and all your family be showered with blessings, today and always. Amen !
lucy (meau’s friend)

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