Status Update: A Good, Yet Mixed Bag

5 12 2011

Just a quick update on today’s doctors appointments as many of you have commented via blog or e-mail and are wondering how it went.

The big news is that I did indeed get the nod to transfer from my current IV protocol to an oral chemotherapy, effective immediately. Don is out filling the prescription and I start on the new drug, Xeloda, tomorrow.

Of concern is the pain in my back that extends from my shoulders to my tailbone. It’s been getting worse every day and is beginning to seriously impact my mobility. My doctor’s best guess, based on my symptoms and my growing dependence on Motrin and Vicodin to keep me going is that I have breast cancer metasteses to my bones. The doc ordered a body scan to see what is really going on, as well as a CT of my neck and head to find the source of the numbness in my chin. She believes that is nerve-related and is not at all thinking brain metasteses, thank God.

The good news is that bone metasteses can be successfully treated and kept at bay for a very long time, i.e. 15-20 years. The pain can be managed and if the new drugs do their job, any bone metasteses should disappear. The greater concern seems to be the lung involvement and the hope is that Xeloda will knock out those tumors as well. The goal, and as I understand it, the very real possibility is still remission.

All in all, it was a very upbeat conversation and Don and I both feel a great deal of relief and confidence that everything is going to be OK, that I am going to be OK for a very long time to come. As my cousin Lori said on the way out: “Aimers, this is the first time we’ve left here and you weren’t crying.”

That, indeed, says it all, doesn’t it?

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson




25 responses

5 12 2011
Cathy Carey

Excellent news!

5 12 2011

That is quite wonderful news! I am sooo happy to be hearing of this. Been thinking of you lots lately!!

5 12 2011

Wait…so now our fun chemo dates are a thing of the past? Oh, man! Does this mean when I see you we have to do something dumb that doesn’t involve hospitals, traffic and rain?

5 12 2011

Well put!

5 12 2011

Hopeful news!!! Cautiously optimistic over here:)) big hugs!!

5 12 2011
Ken and Gay

Thanks for the prompt update for all of us Peeps!!! We’ve been thinking of you all day and glad to know the results are moving you in the right direction!! Hugs All Around 000XXX !!!

5 12 2011
Kristi Kahl

Sounds lik a great new plan. So happy for the oral chemo. I will pray the side effects are not bad and that your body scan comes back clean. Hopefully the numbness and back pain will disappear too. Happy squares are coming your way! Xo

5 12 2011
Marie Petrides

Excellent news Amy I am so happy for you…..Hoping and praying for a clean bone scan, embrace the good news and remember one day at a time all we need to do is stay in the moment as hard as it is it is doable!!!!!

5 12 2011
Shelly Dougherty

So glad you logged in again today…I’ve been on pins and needles but very prayful. Wink! Wink! Shelly

5 12 2011

God is good Amy!

5 12 2011
Walter Loesche

You are amazing!!

5 12 2011

Wow! It is your blog and you gave me the last word! Nicely done Aimers!

5 12 2011

I feel so bad Amy. I was so excited to meet you on Saturday that I went and hugged you, not knowing of your extreme pain. I do hope I didn’t cause you any extra pain.

5 12 2011

things are sounding very promising!!!!! yippee!!

5 12 2011
Julie Sturgeon

I definitely see this as good news. But I’m still sorry you’re feeling poorly. Since I carry on over a lingering cold, I know the frustration over these things can really grate on your long-term mood.

So I hope this treatment kicks in … tomorrow!

5 12 2011
Laura Kasischke

Well, I’m crying a little///but because I’m happy, and relieved!

5 12 2011
Aunt Doris Nielson

Such good news, Amy! Will be praying about the back pain..It is hard to take, I know. Keep looking UP! love you guys.

5 12 2011
Mary Goedert

Big exhale!!!!!

6 12 2011

Amy, I’m thinking of you and praying for you. Glad to hear of the promising developments re your treatment. Sending love and hugs! Amy

6 12 2011

That is a GREAT relief. Peace & Joy to you and yours!

6 12 2011
Sara Nickerson

Hi Amy! That’s wonderful news, and I pray the bone scan comes out clean! Hopefully, it will be something similar to what I’ve been experiencing after my port was removed…seems it agitated some old injuries to the connective tissue, causing severe pain and loss of range of motion in my shoulder, upper arm, and lower neck area. In physical therapy now, and so far, it’s helping, so I hope that’s all you have. My therapist told me she sees a lot of temporary nerve damage in chemo paitients due to the ports. Take care! Wishing you all the best!

6 12 2011

Amy im glad to hear the good news and know all good things in the future!!

7 12 2011

I haven’t checked in lately, but am glad to hear of your latest news. Take care and happy holidays!

8 12 2011
Sarah Zowada

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!! He is faithful!

9 12 2011

We’re praying very hard for you and your family! We know as long as you have that warrior’s heart,cancer doesn’t have a chance….

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