“Never Quit.”

19 12 2011

Mary Cox, a friend of my niece Taylor Blake, shared this quote from Lance Armstrong several days ago and, when I find myself in a difficult moment, whether it be from physical or psychological pain — or both — I hit the playback button in my mind and recall these words from Lance:

“You know, once I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and won the Tour de France five times in a row…. NEVER QUIT!! ”

To say it’s been a tough week would be an understatement. It’s been downright excruciating on so many levels, and terror-filled. I still cannot believe the cancer has moved into my back — and rail at the sheer pain.

Yes, I can walk a short distance. But anything farther than car door to the doorway of my destination requires a wheelchair. This is new territory for me and it’s given me a new perspective. God does indeed have a sense of humor.

Friday afternoon, my niece Natalie wheeled me through Kohl’s, then left me in Men’s Pajamas as she wandered off to look at belts and dress socks. I could only stand to stare at the rack of plaid bottoms for so long before I called out to her, and she came to retrieve me from the midst of the flannel forest.

The pain is tough and I’m doing my best to control it, to find that balance between totally out of it and able to function with my family. I’d rather have to grin and bear a little pain than be in an ongoing drugged state.

I take my last dose of steroids tomorrow and they do seem to be helping me to make progress. My medical team said most of my short-term improvement would likely come from the steroids and their ability to ease the inflammation. My back seems slightly improved and my lower lip and chin, which had both been numb, are starting to itch, which I think is a sign the feeling is returning.

It has been a tough week, but it’s behind me now and I’m looking ahead. Lance’s quote inspires me, and, in addition, some very exciting news and opportunities had come my way in the days leading up to the hospital debacle.

I have so much to share in that regard — really exciting stuff. So, that’s the plan for this week. Keep on resting and recovering, but also moving in the direction of my goals and dreams.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I need every single one of them.

Thank you also for storming heaven on my behalf. I know God expects nothing less from me and my friends and family. Grin. And like Lance, I am most blessed in that area of my life.

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson



30 responses

19 12 2011
Kathy Fecher

YOU are a constant inspiration to all of us! We will continue to STORM heaven with the prayers for you. Blessings, blessings on your week!

19 12 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Thank you, Kathy, from the bottom of my heart.

19 12 2011
Maija Kibens

Amy, it takes a huge amount of strength to follow the quote you cited. This must just be sheer hell, and it’s wonderful and awesome that you are seeing your way through and around and beyond it without knuckling under. More power to you from all sources, & much love.

19 12 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

Maija, did you notice the scarf I was wearing at the lantern lift off?

19 12 2011
Deb Peters

I had just mentioned 1 hour ago, that you had not posted a blog for a few days, which made me worry. Then lo and behold there you were. I will too continue to storm heaven with prayers. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. XOXO

19 12 2011
Amy Rauch Neilson

I could hear your thoughts Deb. We DO have that special connection you know! Love you, kiddo!

19 12 2011

Amy, you are an absolute inspiration. You are in my prayers continually.

19 12 2011
Jennifer Wolf

Amy-Girl, you are amazing, strong, beautiful, funny, witty, intelligent, sensitive, caring, thoughtful and charming, and I love you so much. I have been thinking about you all week, and praying for you. You are my hero, you know.
Huge Love,

19 12 2011
Rita P

TOTAL DITTO to everything Jennifer posted. UR nothing short of amazing AND you’re going to be fine!! Deep strong power-filled love to you!

19 12 2011
kerri daugherty

Amy u will always have my prayers an Il storm for u anyday. U are a very amazing lady. U continue to inspire me an many others. Continue to rest an regain strength. God bless u.

19 12 2011
John Eckardt

Amy, You do what you have to do to stay in this world, because the world is a better place with you here. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

19 12 2011

Sparky, your blog is timely — again — as another friend struggles with his decision to continue painful treatments. I forwarded this. Realize again that YOUR battle is being shared with so many. Prayers and cyberhugs. Love you, CP

19 12 2011
brian Murphy

We love you, Amy, and think of you all the time—-Brian, Toni, Lauren

19 12 2011

Amy you are a inspireation, as you continue to battle our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Have a great holiday and believe from all sources in the sky, wind and waters and the miracle of life that this is not your last holiday to celebrate there are many, many more celebrations like tomorrow and today. Virtual Hugs frm across the lake. Carol and Don Wisner

19 12 2011
Elizabeth DeWaard

My darling Amy—I knew you’d never quit and am, as usual, so impressed with your strength. The doctors know what they’re talking about with their amazing knowledge and treatments. Thank heavens for the combination of you, Don, and Theo and all of them! Love you so much. Betsy

19 12 2011
Linda Stanislawski

I continue to keep you in prayer, Amy, and am trusting the Lord that you will continue to overcome .

19 12 2011

LIVESTRONG, AMY! You are such a fighter!
And keep climbing always. We are all behind you. I told you before, and i am telling you again, I will take you to France to get your medal as soon as you reach your summit in this battle. And Your Tour will be grandiose!
Thinking and praying always,
Love you Nug

19 12 2011

I’m sure you will be hell on wheels (in a good way!) until you are up and around again. Keep the faith – you will bounce back in time. Team Amy is here for you!

19 12 2011

You are in our thoughts and prayers, Amy. I read your posts and think of you each day. You are such an inspiration! I hope your holidays are full of love and laughter. Again, thinking of you.

19 12 2011

Amy, you are so awesome that even if I were as goodly a writer as you is, I don’t think I could ascribe it!

Is there a word for “Inspiring-to-the-tenth-power”? I can think of only one, and it is three letters long.

With love, admiration and support,


19 12 2011
Lori Madison

What a breath of fresh air! I’m so encouraged by your excitement in the midst of your trials. Keep on keeping on in the name of the Father. May His blessings over take you!

19 12 2011

So many people love you Amy (even those who haven’t met you, like myself) and are rooting for you big time. Hope you are able to be more mobile in the very near future.

19 12 2011
Ken and Gay

Dearest Amy, We are holding you near in prayer and love every minute of every day! I have a quote from a Christmas card we received today which I want to pass on to you – “You are in God’s place at God’s perfect time. Your days are in His hands, and He is your future. He has gifted you and placed His hand upon you to bless you and make you a blessing.” – Roy Lessin It is so evident that God’s hands are upon you. He has blessed you and made you such a blessing to all of us. Never lose sight of the fact that God is with you and He loves you more than you can ever imagine! Hugs and Love dear heart!!! XXX000

19 12 2011

I am praying for you Amy ((HUGS))!!! I don’t know how you do it. At times I feel so down and discouraged. You are such an inspiration and you’re so amazing. I love your candid look on things and how your writing is so real. I thank God for you and am storming Heaven asking God to heal you. You have so much work here to do for HIM. Thank you for your encouraging words and Lance’s Quote about never quitting. I will write it down and try to never forget that. God bless you friend.

20 12 2011
margaret jarose

AMY, always in our prayers, may the sun shine on your face, and the wind at your back.. as you go forward thru your days, aunt marg, uncle bob.

20 12 2011

Hey there sweet lady! We are so happy that we will be seeing you tomorrow!!!!! Remember…God allows what he hates to bring about what he LOVES ! You are in his embrace and we lift you up to his healing hands. The counter stool in our kitchen awaits you my dear!

20 12 2011

NEVER QUIT! Wishing you peace and happiness for Christmas ❤

21 12 2011

Once again you have given me hope and light…I know my wife can overcome this….she has the same fire and desire to live as you. Continue to fight and we’ll continue to storm those gates!


22 12 2011
Sheri Torch

Hang in there Amy………….your family and friends need your great spirit and upbeat personality to keep all of us on the go.
God is with you and so are we!
Love and Hugs,

1 01 2012
Rita O'Connor

Amy darlin’…I sent a message but don’t know if it went through….a ‘puter expert I’m not. Anyway, KNOW that I love you so much and you are in my prayers. I know God has His purpose for you, and it will be wonderful when we learn what it is. Your struggle and courage are inspiring all of us who care so much about you and your family. Keep up your courage Amy…I believe “this too will pass”…..Love and prayers always, Mom Reet

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