And the Femur’s Connected to the ?

11 01 2012
Courtesy of Wikipedia.

I know there was a song my music teacher taught our class back in elementary school, one that had a catchy tune to help us remember which bones were connected to each other. I can still hear the jingle in my head, but I can’t remember all the words…”The hip bones connected to the ? bone….”

That song had been hidden someplace in the dark recesses of my mind until just about a week ago, when I had to do a quick refresher course in human anatomy.

I’ve been unable to walk or drive since the incident at Kohl’s a month ago, when my right leg simply stopped working. The pain in that area — hip, groin, pelvis — has been worsening, so finally, last Friday, my oncologist decided to take some Xrays of both hips, my pelvis and both femur bones to find out what’s going on.

The female pelvis, aka sacrum, has a ring of bone with a superior and inferior bone. (I’m doing my best to describe this based on notes from my doctor and Wikipedia, but I’m no MD, so take that into consideration.) I have a crack in both parts of the ring, which is what my doctor believes happened at Kohl’s that day, causing my leg to “go out” and the ongoing, excruciating pain in my groin. The good news is, although that area is extremely painful and I am walking with a cane, it does appear to be healing, based on the Xrays.

The area of concern right now is my right femur bone, aka, the thigh bone. I’ve just learned that it’s the largest, longest bone in the human body, and that it can bear up to 30 times the weight of a human being under normal circumstances.

My circumstances are far from normal, of course, and I have to be really careful to bear as little weight on my right thigh bone as possible. Xrays show a cancerous lesion on that bone that could cause it to break relatively easily. That would be a nightmare.

So, my oncologist has scheduled an appointment for me tomorrow at 12:15 to discuss my options. Basically, there are three: I can have a pin surgically placed to give my femur some extra strength while it’s healing, we can try to radiate the lesion and allow my bone to heal as the lesion shrinks and disappears, or we can do nothing, and wait for the Xeloda (chemo) and the Xgeva (once a month shot to strengthen my bones) to do their job. We shall see what the orthopedic surgeon’s opinion on the matter is, then we’ll immedately regroup with my oncologist and make a decision.

I am going through a storm with gale-force winds and only a tiny ship to protect me right now. The water pours down, funneling off the hood of my bright yellow rain gear, and the rough seas splash gallons of salt water to and fro across the ship’s deck. Yet, I have not capsized and don’t anticipate that I will. My doctors call what I’m going through right now an “acute phase” of my disease, and everyone is working as fast as they can to get me to land, where I hope to once again be able to walk sandy beaches with confidence.

I do believe I see a shoreline in the distance, but I’ve got a ways to go. I’m praying this phase will end sooner, rather than later, and that I’ll be up and around, able to not just dress myself, but dance a jig, go for a walk in the park, maybe even sled down a hill if winter decides to arrive. Right now, I’d be thrilled just to be able to push a grocery cart, rather than ride in a scooter. But one step at a time.

I’ll keep you updated on what we decide following tomorrow’s appointment. In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers.

Copyright 2012, Amy Rauch Neilson




25 responses

11 01 2012

Amy you and your family are always in my prayers!! Love you

11 01 2012
Carol Phillips

I know it is slow going for you right now, especially for one that’s normally going Mach 4, but hang in there. God has slowed you down for a reason. Rest in Him, talk to Him, and know that heavens gates are flooded with our prayers.

11 01 2012
Cathy Carey

Your optimism never fails to inspire me. GO Amy.

11 01 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Prayers for the best decision for you tomorrow! I have some bubble wrap if that helps 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

11 01 2012
kerri daugherty

Always in my prayers. Lots of love to.
Stay strong u know were all here for u.

11 01 2012

Good wishes and strong prayers are sent your way! You have such an eloquent way of writing, bringing the reader right there beside you!
Such a wonderful talent, sister of my bff Julie!

11 01 2012
Amy Knapp

You are in my heart and my thoughts. Hugs.

11 01 2012
Deb Peters

The prayers are ongoing for you, Don and Theo. I pray whatever your decision is that it will provide you comfort and peace of mind. Take care Amy.
Love you girl.

11 01 2012
Rita O'Connor

Such a challenge, Amy…to get to the other side….and YOU WILL!
It sounds like you have wonderful doctors working for you, and they must be amazed at your
courage and spirit.
I never knew anyone who has the strength of SO MANY friends and dear ones, pulling for you! I can’t imagine how someone goes through this who does not have the support that you have. I KNOW you feel the love we all have for you Amy. Hang in sweetheart. Keep up your courage and spirit. You SHALL make it to a much better tomorrow. Love Always, Mom Reet

11 01 2012

Always praying for you and your family – count on it 🙂

11 01 2012

Stay strong and believing! Sending prayers to heaven and long-distance hugs to you!

11 01 2012
Linda Stanislawski

praying for you every day Amy

11 01 2012

What a great visual of you in a slicker on deck facing the storm head-on! You can do this!!!! Grab your whaling gear, life preserver, or rubber duckie, wave your fist at the rain, and head for shore. We all want to help you paddle in! Big bouyant hugs!!

11 01 2012
Teresa Phillips

Praying for you and your family. You are amazing! God Bless…

11 01 2012
Debbie V

You are in my prayers Amy. Please keep us informed. I deleted your email by mistake (chemo brain) if you could please email me so I can share my story with you as you requested from me previously. Thank you and good luck!

11 01 2012
Rita P

Peace, love and smoother sailing!

11 01 2012
Debby Neilson

Love and prayers for you always!!!

11 01 2012
Ken and Gay

Marnie is right on, we’re all in the boat with you helping paddle to shore! We’ve got our life vests on and they are tied to ropes held by your Guardian Angels! God is with you through the storm and a beautiful rainbow will be waiting on the shore to greet you!! Prayers and hugs each and every day XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000000000000000000000000

11 01 2012
Michelle Dougherty

Ugggg! Your optimism never ceases to amaze me. I want to come by and visit. Would sometime next week be okay? Call me when you are up to it. Love, Shelly 248-763-9096

11 01 2012
Amy W

keeping you in my prayers

11 01 2012
Laura Kasischke

ALWAYS in my prayers. One of them has been answered–that you would feel well enough to be able to continue the blog soon. Easy to say from the outside, but it seems that you must be in a bit less pain in order to pick it up again? xoxoxoxo

12 01 2012
Maija Kibens

I think three good options has to add up to good! More power to you on that ship, Amy. See you ashore ever so soon.

12 01 2012
Susan Mettert

“He giveth power to the faint;and to them that have no might he increaseth strenth”. ISAIAH 40:29 When I think of trials and obstacles life throws as up I’m reminded of the runners that break records by seeing themselves achieving their goals in their dreams meditating on already crossing the line to victory and knowing that our mind doesn’t know the difference between a dream and reality. In other words Let the waters become a healing light and see yourself walking in stages because that which you can conceive you will achieve. It is self talk for your soul while you are healing. This always works because you believe. You can, you will because you have!

12 01 2012
Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer

Being the visual person that I am, I was just picturing you in your yellow slicker drenched with sea water. But then along came Jesus calmly but steadily walking across the water to you, and the storm immediately calmed. Come on everyone, let’s all visualize the lesions shrinking and the storm calming!

13 01 2012
margaret jarose

Hello to Amy, aunt marg & unlce Bob, are now in sunny Florida, jan 2012
my computer was down while we traveled, stopped to visit uncle jack, Georgia
uncle, we all want to let you know we are \”tracking you” with lots of love &
prayers, from all in the Rauch family, aunts, uncles, cousins, neices, nephews
aunt sue uncle Duane, are here in Florida with us, all good wishes to you, and we keep you in our thoughts daily…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooo

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