Status Update: Radiation

16 01 2012

On our way to my first radiation appointment at 9 a.m. Scared of the unknown. Never have had radiation before. Will update you later.




5 responses

16 01 2012
Linda Stanislawski

compared to chemo, radiation is a walk in the park 🙂

16 01 2012
kerri daugherty

Prayers an love sent ur way. Always here if u need anything.

16 01 2012

Once you’ve been thru chemo, radiation is a breeze. It takes longer to get set up and positioned than to have the treatment. It just made me tired after a few wks. Feel better! And look forward to your trip!

16 01 2012
amy youngblood

I always thought radiation was a bit like being abducted by aliens but at least its fast!! with all u have been thru it will b a pc o cake (:

16 01 2012

I agree, radiation is nothing compared to chemo. The best part….no needles!!

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