Status Update: Four Down, One to Go

19 01 2012

After today’s radiation treatment, I’ll have four down, just one to go — tomorrow.

It’s been a rough week. I leave for radiation every morning at 9:30 and by the time I get to the hospital, get set up, get zapped and get home, it’s usually 1 or 2 p.m.

The radiation isn’t so bad. It’s been a rough week for me emotionally. The week has been looonnnnggggg, seemingly dragging on and on with no end in sight, though I realize rationally tomorrow is Friday.

I feel like I’m swinging from the end of the proverbial rope, clinging, trying to hang on. This week just seems to be the icing on the cake of the past six or so weeks since I broke my pelvis in Kohl’s. I’m ready to have my mobility back. I miss walking and I miss driving. I miss being able to do laundry and dishes. Yes, you read that right. Laundry and dishes. It’s amazing what you can yearn for when you can’t do it anymore.

Should I be praying that soon I will be doing laundry and dishes again? I think I’ll try that. Who could turn down such a humble request?

More later…





20 responses

19 01 2012

You remain in our thoughts and prayers Amy. You are so incredibly strong!

19 01 2012

Stay Strong!!!!!!!!!!!

19 01 2012

Hi Amy, You are in my thoughts everyday. And yes, I would be praying to be able to do laundry, dishes etc also. Anything to put me back to somewhat a normal life. You hang in there girl, you an inspiration to all of us. Take good care and I know you are loking forward to the end of your radiation treatments.
p.s. I also have a friend, as you do, that goes thru everything with me. She spend the night in the hospital with me and also went with me for all my treatments. There is nothing like a good friend.

19 01 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Just think….a week from now you’ll be sailing with Mickey and enjoying some well deserved fun in the sun with the two special men in your life!

19 01 2012
Deborah Ann Peters

You already know that you are in my daily prayers and thoughts. Once you are back up and running around again, would you like me to save all my dirty dishes and laundry for you to do? Just askin. Love you girl. Glad to hear that the radiation week is almost over.

19 01 2012
Carol Phillips


I will be praying for you from Africa these next 2 1/2 weeks as I’m there on a mission trip. So glad God hears prayers from everywere. Hang in there friend.

19 01 2012
Scot Orwig

Friday is almost here! I’m glad you’re getting the treatment and will soon be putting these past rough weeks behind you. You should all celebrate by going on a cruise or something.

19 01 2012
Laura Kasischke

I am praying for laundry and dishes, and feeling that the prayer will be answered. God bless you, Amy.

19 01 2012
Paul Vachon

Hang in there, Amy! You’re in my thoughts and prayers.


19 01 2012

I’m praying for laundry and dishes too, and a full return to `normal’ life stuff that you deserve. Last day tomorrow and hopefully you’ll be seeing the benefits very, very soon.

19 01 2012
Debbie V

hi Amy, I believe you will be doing dishes and laundry again. You have such strong will to beat this. I will continue to pray for you.
Debbie V.

19 01 2012
Nancy Hutchinson

Amy, you are in our thoughts and prayers many times a day. I have been cleaning today and appreciate (after reading your note!) that I can do it. We so easily forget to be thankful for the mundane things in our lives. You are a blessing to us. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours. love, Nancy and Bob

19 01 2012


Take all of our good wishes with you tomorrow for strength, energy and healing.

19 01 2012
Jan Udlock

Hi Amy, I’m an online friend of Jennifer Fink’s and just wanted to share that I’m praying for you, too. Your post puts things in perspective. I can’t imagine how hard life is – try to be in the moment.

19 01 2012
Rita P

Deep love surrounding you!

19 01 2012
Carol Clemens

Amy- I remember wishing I could stand long enough to rinse a few things out–but be of good hope, eventually those bones do heal! So be nice to yourself this week-end, you’ve put in a long week! Sending lots of love–


19 01 2012
Crystal (like glass, but not so fragile) Sims

of course, humble is good, but i’m thinking if you were wanting to do someone else’s dishes – say mine – then the prayer would be that much stronger. :~) just kidding, miss amy. i think of you often and continue to share you and your journey with the ladies in my small group. lifting you up in prayer Jesus-sister.

19 01 2012

Sending you a big hug! Please know I’m thinking of you and wish I could make all the pain just GO AWAY!! OX

20 01 2012
Amy Knapp

Thanks Amy! Not only for the update but for the shining example of strength and beauty that you always share with us. You are so loved by many. Keeping you close in my thoughts and sendingI hugs and much love.

20 01 2012

I’m so looking forward to the end of radiation….Lori has been through hell with hers,the not being able to eat,the tiredness and the real extra joy that only folks who have gone through with radiation…just we can see the light at the end of 28 treatments and we’ll be so happy when its shown that we are getting better!
And laundry is a GOOD thing to be able to do!

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