Status Update: ER

16 02 2012

On my way to the ER. Horrible flu-like symptoms. Prayers please.




24 responses

16 02 2012

Many prayers on the way, love you lots.

16 02 2012
Chelsea L.

You got ’em, Amy–as always.
Hope you’re feeling much, much better soon, soon, soon.

16 02 2012
kerri daugherty

Always in my prayers, even more now Angel. Please let me know how you are doing and if you need anything. Love you

16 02 2012

You’re in my prayers! well wishes your way!

16 02 2012
Mark Robertson

Done. Feel better as soon as possible. Yes, that means “immediately”.

16 02 2012
Crystal (like glass, but not so fragile) Sims

prayers and love. b well

16 02 2012
Debbie V

Hope you feel better soon.

16 02 2012
Mary Goedert

Of course… got ’em! Expect to read your next post saying “All is Well”!

16 02 2012
Rose Marie

Wishing you well soon. Hang in there.

16 02 2012
Adrienne Leonard

You have so much strength, Amy — and prayers are reinforcing it all the time. Feel better!!! Now!!! Remember to keep your smile.

16 02 2012
John Eckardt

I will pray, best of luck

16 02 2012

Prayers, hugs, healing love and light – you got em all! Please take care and I hope it’s just the flu:) xxooxxoo

16 02 2012

Praying for you, Amy!

16 02 2012

Praying really, really hard for you to feel better and let the holy powers heal you without any more pain and suffering. xo

16 02 2012

Prayers coming!

16 02 2012
Elizabeth DeWaard

Absolutely, Amy. When you get out of there and are feeling better, maybe a trip to Holland for the three of you would be a good idea. Might make March more interesting and I’d just love to have you here.

Think about it, honey, and let me know when you can.


16 02 2012
sharon l-s

Prayers and hugs coming your way. Stay strong and positive.

16 02 2012

Be well……sending you bucket loads of healing thoughts…..hope it’s just some crazy bug that goes super quickly – Alison

16 02 2012
Sheri Torch

Love, Hugs and prayers coming your way:) Hang in there……….”this too shall pass”. Love Ya, Mom

16 02 2012
Rita P


16 02 2012

lucy (meau’s friend) prayers for a very fast healing.—amen

16 02 2012

Not sure if my text got to you but as always thinking of you and hope all is OK!

18 02 2012
Rita O'Connor

Always praying for you Amy… Charlie would say…”you are one tough cookie” cause you have to be.

Other news…Sean and Cathy have purchased a new home on Mission Point in Trav. City. I am “hanging out” at Molly’s ’til they are settled in. Then I will give you the new address. My Email has been shut down for a while but now I’m catching up.

Sending up prayers for you and your loved ones, Amy. Mom Reet

25 02 2012
Bob Adams

You’re always in my prayers but I’ll redouble the effort.

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