Status Update: Home

16 02 2012

Home from ER. Got fluids to rehydrate me, drugs to stop dry heaves and meds for pain. All test results good, so Dr thinks virus or reaction to meds. What a miserable day. So happy to be home. Please pray I can hold food down and feel better!



7 responses

16 02 2012

Glad you are home. Prayers submitted. Outlook positive. Love you:)

16 02 2012
sharon l-s

continuing sending prayers and hugs. Hold onto your positive thoughts. I am going to eat and it is going to stay down!
Have a better evening than the day so far.

16 02 2012
kerri daugherty

So glad your home. Feel better soon. Love and prayers

16 02 2012
Victoria Gambrell

In our prayers!

16 02 2012

Sending continued prayers and hugs and hope you can enjoy a yummy meal with your beautiful family:) xxooxxoo

17 02 2012
Michelle Dougherty

Glad you are safe and sound at home. Hope you feel better soon. God Bless! Love Shelly

18 02 2012
Nan Hasting

Prayers as always for you and your family!

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