Status Update: Going Home!

20 02 2012

Rough weekend, but also, a quick turnaround. Saturday was one of those days when you’re so sick, you wonder if you’re ever going to feel good again. Lonnnggg day that left me, my family, and my docs wondering if I was going to be here a while.

Thank God the answer was NO! Sunday I did a complete 180 and made great progress. It amazes me what an incredible machine the human body is.

It’s been steady progress since then, so I was given the nod this morning — I’m GOING HOME!!! They are working on the discharge paperwork right now and my bff Kristi Rugh Kahl is here to take me home. She spent the night, brought pillows and blankets, and we made it a sleepover!

Thank you for all of your prayers. I could feel them covering me like a big, fluffy down blanket the whole weekend through. More soon…




24 responses

20 02 2012
John Eckardt

Good for you !!!

20 02 2012
kerri daugherty

Yay so glad to hear the good news. Love ya

20 02 2012
Teresa Phillips

That is wonderful Amy! Praise God!

20 02 2012
Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer

Great news! I am sorry you had another unexpected hospital stay. But look at you, you once again made the best of it. Kristi is wonderful. Enjoy your nice comfy bed at home tonight!

20 02 2012
Kristi Kahl

Who knew a slumber party could be fun in a hospital! With room service and all! Happy you are feeling better. Panache 447 will be our next date!

20 02 2012

You are awesome!

20 02 2012
Paul Vachon


Here’s a hug!


20 02 2012
Deb Peters

There’s no place like home…….glad you are feeling better.

20 02 2012
Scott Orwig

We’re so glad you’re getting out of there and very glad Kristi was with you!

20 02 2012
Sarah Maurer

Great news!

20 02 2012
margaret jarose

Rauch family/ sisters & brothers/ here for you, with unending prayers…
aunt marg &uncle bob here in Florida, looking to see you soon, in May…….

glad to here your coming home to Theo & Don, with smiles on their faces….
aunt Helen is here with us in Florida for a few weeks,., hello to you,

20 02 2012
Linda Stanislawski

Thank you Jesus!

20 02 2012
Sharon Frisch

Great news. Praying for you always!

20 02 2012
Randy Weiser

See? and you were worried!!! SHEESH!!!! 🙂

20 02 2012
Laura Kasischke

So glad!!!! Rest and recuperate and celebrate at the same time!!! xoxoxoLaura

20 02 2012
sharon l-s

So glad to hear you are going home. It is nice that your hospital let’s you have sleepovers. Definitely helps boost the morale of patients. your BFF is definitely a keeper.
Prayers and soft hugs!

20 02 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

So happy you are feeling better! I know your “boys” will be glad to have you home. I hope you are well enought to have a playdate with Theo during his time off. How does next Friday look for you? Or even Tues 2/28? Let me know. I’ll bring dinner for you 🙂

20 02 2012
Debbie V

Good for you.

20 02 2012
Cathy Carey

Excellent news. THe human body is a miracle.

20 02 2012
Mary Dougherty

Praise God! So happy to here you are going home! God bless you Amy. Bill & I love you very much.

21 02 2012
Anne Noble

Yeah! Prayers won’t stop. Your fighting spirit against this disease is something else.

21 02 2012
Debi Craig

I’m so happy you are going home. I know how the walls can close in on you especially during the dreary winter months. I found a hobby during my times stuck in the house with my chemo treatments….I did Creative Memories and organized my pictures. It was a good way to reflect on my life and all the good memories and not focus on the difficult times…I’m adding your name to our team prayer page as well as my personal prayer list.

21 02 2012
Rita O'Connor

Amy….remember as you are having this impossible roller coaster ride, that it always returns just fine….of course its after the many jogs and rattles and swoops that have to come first. Than all is well. Love always, Mom Reet

19 03 2012
sandy johnson

I love you Amy soo glad you are home always in my heart and prayers .xoxoxoxo Sandy Johnson and family

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