Status Update: Admitted. Again.

24 02 2012

I’ve seen way too much of this place lately. In fact, if I never again had to see the inside of a hospital, that’d be fine by me.

But, I’m back. Don brought me to the ER last night with intestinal issues still unresolved and a fever that had come on suddenly.

And, I’m grateful. They’ve already helped me make great progress, so hopefully, this time when I go home, it’s to stay home.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. I really miss my hubby and my little boy. I hope this time away from them somehow passes quickly.




22 responses

24 02 2012

Oh no Amy. Sending good thoughts!

24 02 2012

I’m thinking of you, Amy. I’m glad you’re resting, and being watched over there. You’ll be back with them soon, and better! xoxox

24 02 2012
Debby Neilson

My prayers are with you always.Sending you a big hug. xoxoxo

24 02 2012
sharon l-s

sending prayers and soft hugs. Hang in there as they “this too shal pass”

24 02 2012
Paul Vachon

Thinking of you as always, Amy. Godspeed.


24 02 2012
Scott Orwig

They’ll find any excuse to keep you around, won’t they? I hope you’ve got something to do and you’re out of there for good soon!

24 02 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Sorry girl. I’m glad they are helping though. It does suck being taken away from your comforty place with those that love you so much. I’d say get some rest in there but I know first hand after last time with you, it’s impossible! Cling, clang, beep, beep, beep, beep, slam, whoosh, beep, beep, beep, buuuzzzz, ring, beep, beep….yeah you know what I’m talkin’ about! Sending lots of hugs, love and prayers, oh and some ear plugs!! :))))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

24 02 2012
John Eckardt

You and your family are always on my mind, hope your home soon, and stay home, god bless you.

24 02 2012
Rita P

PRAYING!!!!! Love to you and family.

24 02 2012

Sending you light and love. I really hope you can lick this and get home to your family soon. I never knew what that meant til I had one of my own and now I get it. Big hugs! Xxoo

24 02 2012
Irish Twins Momma

Prayers and hugs!!!!

24 02 2012
Ken and Gay

Our prayers and thoughts are with you each and every day. Glad to hear you are having good resolutions to your problems already! Praying you’ll be home with you family very soon. Love ya to the moon and back, Gay and Ken XXX000

24 02 2012
Linda Stanislawski

praying for you and your family, Amy. Trusting for very good things for all of you

24 02 2012

Praying for you and your family!!

24 02 2012

I hope so, too, Amy. Wishing happier, healthier times ahead, and soon.

24 02 2012

Doctors and nurses are awesome, but hospitals suck. Sending love and prayers.

24 02 2012
Sharon Frisch

Praying for you and your family, Amy.

24 02 2012

Smiling face in the morning
Love you a bit…………OOO

24 02 2012
brian Murphy

Get home soon, Amy: it’ll be a homecoming for all of us! Love, b

24 02 2012

Hi Amy,
I am sorry to hear that you are in there again. Praying that the doctors can get to a quick fix soon so you can go home to your family.
Prayers and thoughts are with you.
Hugs and sunshine,
Cookie from Fla

25 02 2012
Debbie V

Sorry you are in the hospital again. Hears hopping that you will be home soon and for good. I will pray for you and your family. Take care Amy.

26 02 2012

Wishing you a most speedy recovery! Prayers and warm thoughts coming your way!

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