Status Update: Home!

26 02 2012



Thank you for all your love, support and prayers.

Was able to spend time with Don and Theo today, and now I’m hitting the hay in my own sweet bed.

All systems are go, but I am weak from back-to-back hospital stays. Eating, drinking, resting, and will take it one day at a time while I regain my strength.

My doctor shooed me out the door today and said he didn’t want to see me in there anymore. To that I said, Amen!

I came home to quite a homecoming from Don and Theo, my Superhero and one in training.

I can’t wait to feel strong enough to get back to my life, full swing. And I know rushing it isn’t the answer. I may be the “hare” type, but my sister Julie reminded me to be a tortoise for just a little while longer.

I know God has been trying to teach me the virtue of patience for a long, long time. I think I’m finally getting the picture.





17 responses

26 02 2012

So glad to hear.

26 02 2012
kerri daugherty

I’m so glad ur home. I’m sure don and theo are to. Can’t wait to see you! Love u

26 02 2012
Irish Twins Momma

So glad you are home!!! Rest well!

26 02 2012
Jennifer Wolf

I am so happy you are home! Yay for your own bed! xoxoxox

26 02 2012

Praise indeed and sweetest dreams. Welcome home.xo

26 02 2012
Carol Clemens

Remember in that fable who won the race! Rest, dear girl, and come back at it when you have recovered your strength! Prayers continue.

27 02 2012

Great news! Yes, be a tortoise and savor every step and every bite! ( of grass to continue the metaphor).

27 02 2012
John Eckardt

Glad to hear your home, like the doctor said don’t want to see you there again, that would be the best.

27 02 2012
Judy Lange

I think of you all the time. You are always in my prayers.


27 02 2012
Rita O'Connor

“Home again, Finnegan!” Dorothy of the “Wizard of Oz” sure said it right….

“There’s no place like home.”

Sometimes you remind me of a bubble on a lake, where your head gets pushed under, but then it pops up again and again. “Way to go!” Amy darlin’.

Prayers and love will keep you going. Mom Reet

27 02 2012
Bob Adams

Enjoy home and keep the turtle attitude. You can make up rabbit time later…which I know you will.

27 02 2012

I like tortoises, Amy! They have their own house which protects them well;-)

27 02 2012

Native American folktale. The turtle lives in between earth at their feet and heaven as their shell. Such protection makes them well.
Best Wishes!

27 02 2012
Aunt Doris Nielson

Glad you’re home, Amy. I’m keeping up the daily prayers for you and Don and Theo, too.

28 02 2012

Hi Amy,
So gad to hear that you are home and hopefully are able to stay there for a long time.
Take care and get all the rest you need.
You are in my prayers and thoughts.
Cookie from Fla

28 02 2012

YAY!!!! Rest up….you can hibernate a little while longer, spring is not quite here!

5 03 2012
margaret jarose

glad your home amy, aunt marg & uncle bob look forward to seeing you, soon will be back to Mich. april?
your always in our thoughts, & prayer., with Theo & Don.
stay strong for all in our family, love to hear from you, Rauch family/extended

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