Status Update: Radiation

7 03 2012

Results from yesterday’s MRI show the bone mets have grown, thus my severe back pain. I have another MRI of my upper back shortly, then the radiology team will put together a plan. I will stay in the hospital one mote night and start radiation tomorrow.

Prayers please needed, now more than ever.





25 responses

7 03 2012
Scott Orwig

I’m sorry you have to stay one more night, but so glad the radiation team will get right on it. I know that can do people a lot of good.

7 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

I’m so sorry. Praying harder than ever for you!

7 03 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Lots of love and support with you!! Stay strong and we will win this battle! Keep the plan and treatments going to get this into remission. Anything you need, we are all here for you….any time…any place. Love ya! xoxoxo

7 03 2012
sharon l-s

So sorry to hear this news. Doubling and Tripling the soft hugs and warm prayers going your way.

7 03 2012

Very sorry to hear this news too Amy – hoping and praying that treatment will resolve this new challenge quickly.

7 03 2012
Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

Shoot! It’s cold and icy / snowy here today, but all of us are sending you our warmest thoughts.

7 03 2012

A plan sounds good, and prayers, and home tomorrow , and love xoLaura

7 03 2012
Nancy Hutchinson

Dearest Amy, We are praying for you as you go through this time. May you KNOW that God is with every step of the way; even though it may not feel like it. May you feel the love of God shining upon you. love, Bob and Nancy H

7 03 2012
K. Miller

Overcoming overwhelming odds is the over-the-top operation of our Omnipotent God! Luke 1:37; Jesus was blunt: “No chance at all if you think you can pull it off by yourself. Every chance in the world if you let God do it.” Mk. 10:27, MSG HE will do it for you!

7 03 2012
carrie wilson

Praying for you, Amy!

7 03 2012

Sending our love and support to you Amy. Hope the docs can find you some relief from the pain and send you home to your loving family.

Michael and Lori

7 03 2012
Maija Kibens

Amy, as I noticed that you had written “stay in the hospital one MOTE night” I knew that your spirit is way bigger than the mote of a one night hospital stay or radiation treatments. Bone mets beware! Lots of love,

7 03 2012
Cathy Carey

prayers coming your way

7 03 2012

I am praying for you. Be strong. I know that you are! I am so proud of you and all that you have done to fight this battle and all that you will continue to do to fight this battle until you win. Let me know what I can do to help. I love you.

7 03 2012
Carol Clemens

Will be praying for you as always as I head home from up here in Illinois.

7 03 2012

You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. God will give you the grace to see this battle won!

7 03 2012

We love you Amy, prayers for your strength; physically and spiritually. He is with you wherever you go…even in the MRI tube! Know that we are all with you XO

7 03 2012

Sending lots of prayers your way…

7 03 2012
amy youngblood

Glad to hear your team is ready to go because I just know you are going to kick some bone mets a** !!!

8 03 2012
Kerry H

Hi Amy,

Don’t know you but have been following your blog ever since it started. Pray & think of you and your family continuously and practically run to my email every day to see how you are doing. LOTS of prayers are with all of you from so many……keep fighting!! XOXO

8 03 2012
Rita O'Connor

Prayers always going your way Amy.
Your strong team is a-rooting for you darlin;.
Mom Reet

8 03 2012
Sara Nickerson

Stay strong, Amy! Hugs and prayers to you and your family!

9 03 2012
Julie Sturgeon

I saw on Don’s page that they’re talking about 20 days of radiation? If it’s possible, post your schedule and I know your followers will be thrilled to hold you up in prayer during those times. Meanwhile, I’m mentally sitting right beside your hospital bed tonight, keeping vigil. Hopefully, you sleep right through it.

10 03 2012
Michelle Ball

You know I am praying and sending positive thoughts!! Love you sister!!

15 03 2012

Hi Amy,
Warm thoughts and prayers coming your way.
Hoping you will get to go home to your family.
Lots of hugs,
Cookie from Fla

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