Guest Blog by Kristi Kahl

10 03 2012

To say the least, Amy has had a rough week.  After being admitted to the hospital on Monday with severe tailbone pain, this lead to 2 MRI’s and the discovery of mets not only in her tailbone but also in her spinal fluid and brain.  Not wasting any time, the radiation team moved into action and fitted Amy for a “mask” that will be worn during the next 6 weeks – 5 days a week for radiation on her tailbone, spine and brain.  This treatment is aggressive but that’s what we need to do to fight this monster.  Unfortunately, the fitting of the mask caused Amy to have a migraine which lead to her vomiting for 24 hours.  But the treatments must go on and that is what our trooper Amy did.  She got in 2 of the 29 treatments on Thursday and Friday.  Thankfully she was able to get some sleep Friday night and on Saturday was able to keep food down and was released from the hospital that afternoon.  Nothing better than being in your own home, snuggling with your husband and son.

The love and support of her family and friends is what keeps her going.   Whether you know her personally or not, please continue to pray for Amy and support her family.  She needs us now more than ever as she continues this battle.  I am truly honored and blessed to be one of her best friends and the impact she has had on my life is amazing.  I know many of you feel the same. 

Kristi Kahl




45 responses

10 03 2012

Sending my love and prayers!!

10 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

Praying for strength, peace and healing for Amy and her family!

10 03 2012
Kimberly S. Brown

Thank you for the update Kristi. I do not know Amy personally, but have followed her journey for quite a while now. She is an amazing young woman, and my heart goes out to her and her family in this crucial time. Please tell her she will always be in my thoughts and meditations…..

10 03 2012

Only “know” Amy through her blog, but I pray for her, Don and Theo and her wonderful family and friends support team everuday. Thank you for the update.

10 03 2012
Scott Orwig

We’re so glad Amy is home. Our whole family is thinking about her constantly and hoping the radiation does what we need it to do.

10 03 2012
It Is What It Is

I only “know” her by a long ago referral to her blog. She is a warrior, that is to be sure. I am glad she has close, dear, in real life friends like you, Kristi.

Holding her in our prayers.

10 03 2012
amy youngblood


10 03 2012
Laura Kasischke

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do –either all together or individually? A card shower? Anything? Something for Theo? Praying and thinking of Amy all the time.

10 03 2012
Ken and Gay

Thanks Kristi for the update on Amy. You are a steadfast friend and support for Amy, Don and Theo. Your comments fill in a lot of blanks for all of us. At least it appears the nausea was caused by one of those horrid mirgraines and hopefully the radiation itself will not cause Amy to have on going stomach issues! We are grateful she is home again with Don and Theo. Love and prayers, Ken and Gay

10 03 2012
kerri daugherty

Thanks for the update. Thank god she’s home with her family. Prayers , love, and, strength being sent to amy, don an theo. Love you guys

10 03 2012
Deb Peters

Thank you Kristi. Amy, Don and Theo are in my prayers, and I have her on a prayer chain that spreads to the opposite side of the world. I am so glad that she is home with her hubby and little guy.

11 03 2012
Janice Domanski

Praying and hoping for a peaceful recovery in this war against cancer being waged in this sweet body. You are so loved and respected by so many people- you are blessed!

11 03 2012
Rita P

Deep loving prayers for our remarkable victorious lady!

11 03 2012

Thanks for the update. Please let her know that I keep her in my thoughts daily and I send her wishes for continued hope and strength.

11 03 2012
Gerri Barnauskas

I, too, only “know” Amy from her blog, but I think about her constantly and pray for her daily. May God continue to give her the strength to fight!

11 03 2012

Dear Kristi,
Please send Amy my loving thoughts and all thr strength I can muster to help her to fight the vicious beast that cancer is. I only know Amy ftim her blog, but she is a warrior princess, a fighter, a holder of the flame of hope and determination and love. Now I have a daughter of my own to cherish I am able to imagine just a tiny tiny piece of the pain of being away from ones pride, joy and inspiration – her beautiful son Theo. Thats why I am so glad Amy is home with her son and wonderful husband. Being ensconced with ones family and receiving the healing of their presence and the sights and sounds of home is truly a gift. I pray Amy is able to be at home during these next weeks of treatment abd feeling the love of family as well as the support of virtual internets cheerleaders across the globe. Sending huge hugs, hope for peaceful nights and joy filled days and the strength to fight another fight. Much love!

11 03 2012
Danielle Brostoff

G-d bless Amy and her amazing family and friends. Praying for a miracle.

11 03 2012

I too only know Amy from her blog but am sending her all the prayers possible to get her through this latest hurdle. Hugs, Cindy Angels for Hope

11 03 2012

Thank you for the update Kristi. We are all praying for Amy’s recovery and that she is soon living the life she wants to live…..and so deserves.

11 03 2012

Get well, Amy. Thanks for the update.

11 03 2012

I am praying for you. Keep fighting the good fight.

11 03 2012
Elizabeth DeWaard

My darling Amy, Prayers continue to be sent every day from Holland—from “your” B&B and “your” little church where you and Don were married. Love, Betsy

11 03 2012
Lisa Serda-Ansel

Praying for Amy and her whole family. May God help you all through this trying time.

11 03 2012
Craig Dumas

All of us in the Dumas family have Amy and her family in our thoughts and prayers. We would like to help out (i.e. meals, etc.). Please let us know how (or what would be best). You can send us an email directly or perhaps post some ideas on the blog.

Thank you Kristi for updating the blog for Amy.


Craig, Karen, Jack and Ella

11 03 2012

Amy…..Giving thanks that you are able to be home where you have the love and support of family and friends! That’ll make a DIFFERENCE!!!! Sending you support and well wishes through the wires……and prayers as you battle the monster C!

Mary Goedert (BI from Saginaw)

11 03 2012
Sheri Torch

Amy, we love you so much and know you will fight this battle as long as it takes. Mom and Richard

11 03 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

Thank you Kristi for keeping us all updated. I’m sure many others look for Amy’s notes & worry when we don’t see them. I appreciate you coordinating the calendar as well. It may not be a lot, but many of us want to take a little burden from Amy & her family, even if it’s only a meal & company. As always, sending my prayers & strength to Amy & her family.

Love, Sandy

11 03 2012

Aim, I’m so glad you are back home with Don and Theo…the very best medicine! XOXOXOX

11 03 2012
Mark Robertson

Kristi, I am without words. If you tell Amy I said that she’ll fully appreciate that. (Winking) Seriously, since I don’t know what to say, I’ll simply pray.

We’re in with the Dumas family — let us know how/when we might help.

Mark Robertson

11 03 2012
Kimberly DeMoss

I pray for you often Amy. From one warrior to another, you got this! XOXO

11 03 2012

Glad to know she is home. I only know Amy from this blog, and she is an amazing woman. She and her family have my continued prayers. This awesome woman will get through this!

11 03 2012
lucy (meau's friend

May God hold you his the palm to His hand.

11 03 2012
Carol Clemens

Kristi–I areally appreciate your getting word to us. Like others, I worry about her when Amy skips a couple of days. These latest findings are one more challenge to overcome, and with God’s grace and our caring and prayers, she will bounce back from all this, too. Sending love and hugs and prayers aplenty.

11 03 2012
Richard Torch

Hang in there Sweetie. This is just a test. We all know how smart you are. Love you, Richard

11 03 2012
Kathy Oconnor Crawfis

So many prayers…feel the warmth.

11 03 2012
Demmy Lionas

Continuing to pray for you Amy! May God grant you the courage and strength you need to get through your treatments and conquer this disease. You are an inspiration to me. Praying also for Don and Theo, and the medical personnel treating you.

Demmy (friend of the Nortons)

11 03 2012
Dave & Lisa Sybert

Amy (my dear sister) – We love you so much and are continuing to lift you, Don and Theo up in prayer. There are countless people (prayer warriors) who are doing the same from Michigan, to Ohio, to Kentucky and far beyond. You are a very courageous lady, admired and loved by all who know you. We pray that The Lord sends you His strength, His comfort, and His peace which transends all human understanding as you battle this foe. All our love, support and prayers we send.

12 03 2012
Kathy Fecher

Prayers of strength and peace…every single minute of every single day.

12 03 2012

Hi, I don’t know Amy personally, only thru her mother-in-law, but have been following her blog for quite some time. She is an amazing and strong young women. I am sending prayers and will continue to for her, Don and Theo.
Glad to hear that she was able to go home and spend some time with Don and Theo.
Please keep us up dated and thanks for sharing. She is lucky to have so many good friends and family to support her.
Hugs, Cookie

12 03 2012

Thanks for posting Kristi. Prayers for Amy, Don and Theo continuing. When I saw her at the hospital last week I saw the joy she had from having friends and family visiting. Amy is by far the person with the strongest spirit that I know. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for her, Don, and Theo.

12 03 2012
sharon l-s

Thanks Kristi for posting about Amy. I know Amy through Better Investing. I am with Laura K – a card shower for Amy. Sending soft hugs and lots of prayers. Hang in there this too shall pass.

12 03 2012
Kris and Bill Ritter

With thoughts and prayers for all of you….

12 03 2012
Debbie V

My heart goes out to Amy and her family, I am so glad she is home with her family. I truly know what she is going through because I to am fighting the stage iv monster. I will continue to pray for you Amy and your family, try to stay strong I know its hard. Sending you {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}. Debbie

12 03 2012
Cathy Carey

Thank you for the update. Hang in there Amy you are one strong woman!
prayers and hugs to you and your family

12 03 2012
Crystal Sims

Lifting you up, sweet Amy. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I’m claiming this verse for you:
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Much love and light,

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