Synchronize your watch for 2:45pm this week

12 03 2012

Starting today, Monday, 3/12/12, at 2:45pm, for 45 minutes lets all join together by saying and sending prayers, support, love, light and positive uplifting messages for Amy.  She will be in radiation during this time today through Friday.  In unison, we can make a difference and I know she will feel the power of our love and support.


Kristi Kahl



42 responses

12 03 2012
sharon l-s

I’ve set my alarm for Prayers for Amy. Thanks for the heads up.

12 03 2012

Great idea. Will do.

12 03 2012
Elizabeth DeWaard

Will do gladly.

12 03 2012
Demmy Lionas

It would be my honor and priviledge to pray for
Amy while she is in treatment each day at 2:45! Thanks for letting us all know.


12 03 2012
Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

What time zone? ;o)

12 03 2012
Amy Rauch Neilson


12 03 2012
Amy Rauch Neilson

Eastern 🙂 Michigan

12 03 2012
John Eckardt

I will be praying each day.

12 03 2012

We are on it!

12 03 2012
Cathie Ferdon


12 03 2012

On it.

12 03 2012
Julie Sturgeon

Thank you for those details. I will be honored to join you in prayer for Amy.

12 03 2012

I would love to!

12 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

Praying for Amy!

12 03 2012
Carrie Wilson

Praying now…thanks for letting us know Kristi.

12 03 2012
Ken P

Strong positive thought on the way now and all through your journey.

12 03 2012
Sheri Torch

All of our love and prayers go with you Amy as always. YOU are a strong and beautiful woman. God will take care of you and your family. Love, Mom & Richard.

12 03 2012

I’m a tad late……

All my prayers and wishes to you Amy!!!!! Take that radiation!!!

12 03 2012

Praying for you Amy and thinking about you always.
Stay strong.

12 03 2012
Laura Kasischke


12 03 2012
Rita O'Connor

Kristi…..YOU GOT IT !!!!! And its a great idea of how we can all help our dear Amy. What a team she has! I have known Amy for so many years, as her dad Ted, and my husband Charlie, used to contract work on tennis courts a “million” years ago. So we all have to keep things going for Amy.
She is one special person and is carrying a very heavy load right now.
Prayers will help…and SHE is our target.
Mom Reet

12 03 2012

I’m on it for the rest of the week. . . You are
strong and you are loved!!!

12 03 2012
Teresa Phillips

Absolutely!! In Jesus name!!!

12 03 2012
Kathy Fecher

2:45…I’m on it!! PRAYERS…LOVE….AND STRENGTH!!!!!

12 03 2012

You bet.

12 03 2012

What a great idea. Prayers will be sent for her and her family.

12 03 2012
Jennifer Bopp Stegbauer

I tell you, I saw prayer at work this weekend at a conference I was at for prayer and healing. Thank you so much for having such a great idea Kristi! After all, when two or three gather in the name of Jesus and pray in accordance, Jesus is right there with us and with Amy.

12 03 2012
Maija Kibens


12 03 2012
Ken and Gay

Thanks Kristi for giving us the opportunity to pray at exactly the correct time of day!!! Jennifer is so right – where 2 or more are gathered together in His name for a single purpose He will be with us and have His hand on Amy. We LOVE YOU Amy and you can lie down in the loving arms of your Heavenly Father without fear for your radiation treatments and they will knock the big C senseless!!!!!
P.S. Everyone remember to pray not just for THIS week but for the next 6 weeks!!

12 03 2012
Bob Adams

Great idea Kristi. I’ll convert the time to 11:45 for way out West time.

12 03 2012
Mary Dougherty

Great idea. I’m on it too.

12 03 2012

I’m late but haven’t stopped praying and will keep praying! You WILL KICK this in the BUTT! L

12 03 2012

Great idea and I will be praying for Amy!!!

13 03 2012
lucy (meau's friend

read this email late in the day but will be praying from now on. God be with you all–bringing comfort and healing.

13 03 2012
Debby Neilson

Praying as always. Love you Amy!!!

13 03 2012

My alerts are at alert! Wonderful idea!

13 03 2012
Anne Noble

You got it!

13 03 2012

I didn’t get this until this morning, but I will pray from today on. There are also at my work (Ward Presbyterian in Northville) praying for Amy. 🙂

13 03 2012

Will gladly bring Amy before the throne of Christ!!!

13 03 2012
Deb Peters

2:45 extra prayers……the rest of the day continued prayers.

13 03 2012

Praying for you Amy at 2:45…

14 03 2012

Great idea. I will be praying for Amy.

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