Making Progress

15 03 2012


Our strong, brave Amy is doing it again…making progress, one day at a time!  For the past two days, Amy has been able to keep food down and get the radiation treatments she needs.  And since this morning, she has been on oral meds.  This is fabulous news as it will allow her to go home, be with her family, snuggle in her own bed and enjoy the beautiful life she and Don have created.  She hopes to go home on Saturday.  Discovering that radiation can bring on a migraine for Amy, she now knows that after the treatments it’s important to keep the lights off and have her room quiet.  To help with this, she’s now sporting her new “blue bug eyes” as shown in the picture on her forehead.  Whatever it takes Amy will do it. Tonight she got a special visit from her adorable little boy Theo (see picture).  What a special moment for mother and son!  Only happy tears tonight 🙂 

Tomorrow at 1pm will be Amy’s final radiation treatment for the week, so set those watches again and together we will echo in God’s ears!

Written on behalf of Amy – who can’t wait to blog soon herself.



38 responses

15 03 2012

So nice to see that pictur of you and Theo! So glad you are feeling better!

15 03 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Love the new look! Happy square night for u and Theo. Glad I got to see that! Love ya!

15 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

Praise the Lord for the progress!! Praying you can go home on Saturday and stay home with your family. Love and prayers to all of you!!!

15 03 2012
Paul Vachon

Godspeed, Amy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


15 03 2012
Laura Kasischke

How wonderful to see them together. Thank God.

15 03 2012
Nancy Grubbs

Glad to hear the good news. I will keep praying. I raised you up in prayer at a church meeting I was at Tuesday night. Keep the good news coming.

God Bless, Nancy

15 03 2012

`Oh, Amy, it is soooooo good to see you and with Theo . . . we are praying . . .all your friends at The Pink Fund!

15 03 2012
Leslie Dietz

Amazingly great news!!! Your strength Amy is incredible. May God continue to bless you and let you go home on Saturday to be with your family. Praying!!!


15 03 2012

Glad to hear things are going better. I’ll be saying a prayer tomorrow for you at 1 pm that the radiation has helped to do what it is supposed to do and that you will soon be home with your family.

15 03 2012

Hang in there Amy! I know that adorable lil man brings you great strength! You are truly amazing. Praying for you everyday.

15 03 2012

Can’t wait for our radiation date on Tuesday! Plus, I’m bringing dinner! Nothing with mushrooms, my dear… 🙂

15 03 2012

Amy you do this all with such style ( love the blue bug eyes), how i miss you and HOPE only for recovery and for you to be home with that lovely family of yours!

15 03 2012
Maija Kibens

Bravo! Awesome, classy outfit and very focused visitor–what a wonderful sight! Lots of love, Amy!

15 03 2012
Kate Kelley

What a relief to hear this news! SO glad.

15 03 2012
Mary Dougherty

Love and prayers to Amy, Don and Theo. The picture is so precious!

15 03 2012
Scot Orwig

So glad to hear that Amy is getting out!

15 03 2012

Happy to hear of the progress Amy……still praying hard! Theo loves his Mommy very much you can tell!

15 03 2012
brian Murphy

Love those blue bugs!

16 03 2012

Amy you are an amazing person. You are such fighter on everything that you are and have gone through. Every time I see Debbie I ask about you and it breaks my heart on the things that she tells me you go through. But I am always praying for every day that you get better. Keep the fight up. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

16 03 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

Love the picture! Looking forward to seeing you today. You continue to amaze me. Love & prayers always 🙂

16 03 2012
Michelle Dougherty

Great Picture! You go girl…that is go home:) Love, Shelly

16 03 2012


16 03 2012
Nicole Rollet

Happy to see you Amy, I am prayerful for your return to home!! Praying for health and healing!!

Love you all,
Tim, Nickie and the the gang!!

16 03 2012
Ken and Gay

Dearest Amy, Sweetest photo of you and Theo!! We’re rejoicing at the news you will be going home and that the Drs. are getting things under control. Your Blue Bug Eyes are the “buggiest”!! I imagine Theo would like some Green Bug Eyes himself!!! Praying for continued healing and strength!!! Hugs All Around XXX000

16 03 2012

Amy, we are so glad to hear the good news! We will keep praying and you will keep fighting and doing better.

16 03 2012
Elizabeth DeWaard

Thank heavens, Amy, for your strength and resolve—–it’s all working!

Love you—–Betsy

16 03 2012
kerri daugherty

Thanks for updates and picture. Praying she can go home Sunday to her family. Prayers and love being sent to all of them.

16 03 2012

Praying for you, Don, and Theo…!

16 03 2012

Click those ruby slippers and head home. There is no place like home! Hope to see you Monday when I drop off some dinner. XOXOXO

16 03 2012
sharon l-s

Thanks for the updates. The “blue bug eyes” is a gorgeous shade of blue – a vibrant blue. will set the alarm for 12:30 pm to start warming uo the prayers. Praying all goes well for a Sat departure heading home.

Soft hugs and warm prayers to you all

16 03 2012
sheri torch

Love your new “blue bug eyes”. It goes with your beautiful face! What a great
photo of Mother and son! Hang in there our strong gal……….lots to look forward to this weekend. We love you to the mooooooooooooon! Mom & Richard:)

16 03 2012
Helene Rabinowitz

A picture is worth a thousand words! Seeing you and Theo together, nothing more to be said. Much love to you and Don and Theo.

16 03 2012
Carol Phillips

Seeing you two together bring tears to my eyes. Continue to fight the good fight. Prayers going your way daily.

16 03 2012

I’ve been praying specifically for Amy to be able to keep food down. Praise to God. Will pray today at 1pm.

16 03 2012
Dawn Sherman-Hixson

Amy it is great to hear that you making progress. Love the picture with you and Theo. Know that so many people are praying and fighting for you.

16 03 2012
Rita O'Connor

You are deep in my thoughts and prayers Amy. Daily and often. I know you must be asking Ted to help you through this…and he will. Love, Mom Reet

16 03 2012

Nothing to add, except, I’m with you, too!

16 03 2012
Sarah Zowada

Praise God! for good news. Praying continued healing.

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