It’s Photo / Card Shower Time!

18 03 2012


Sadly, since Thursday night, Amy began vomiting again through Friday night, every 2 hours.  They put her back on IV meds and by Saturday morning she was feeling better and able to eat all day Saturday and Sunday.  However, she is now seeing double out of her right eye.  Neurologist have been in to see her every day and still confirm that surgery is not needed right now.  Keeping food down and getting the radiation treatments is still the plan.  If that means staying in the hospital then that’s what Amy will do.  But we all know how sterile white those rooms can be so what better way to lift Amy’s spirits and bring a ray of light and hope into her room and life than through a PHOTO / CARD SHOWER!  We all know so much about Amy and she would love to know about you, her global supporters, friends and family.

Below is a PO Box address that was opened for Amy.  Please send a photo, a card, or a little piece of your life to share with Amy.  So many have asked what they can do for her and believe me, this will mean the world to Amy.   She’s not just a woman fighting for her life with Stage 4 cancer, she’s an amazing mother, loving wife, sweet sister, funny aunt and kind hearted friend who would do anything for anyone.  Amy is beautiful inside and out, a talented writer and has a wonderful soul.  And don’t forget her crazy, sometimes quirky sense of humor! 

In addition to the PO Box we still have a bank account open for the Amy Rauch Neilson Benefit.  I witnessed first hand this week how mounting her medical bills can be.   Being self employed and paying for your monthly coverage, large deductible and co-pays really do add up.  If you want to enclose a check with your card, please make it payable to the Amy Rauch Neilson Benefit and I will see that it goes directly to her medical bills. 

PO BOX 580

Milford, MI  48381

Thanks soooo much for your support, love and prayers.  Reading the replies and seeing how many view her site everyday is so overwhelming.   She is so adored and loved it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

Keeping the faith,

Kristi Rugh Kahl

On behalf of Amy and her family



13 responses

18 03 2012

Card in the mail…… wish we could all wave a magic wand and get Amy healthy in one fell swoop…..she and her family so deserve it. Sending positive healing thoughts too.

18 03 2012
Sara Nickerson

It will be in the mail shortly! Please give Amy and her family my best wishes for a full recovery!

18 03 2012

Done. You are a good friend, Kristi.

18 03 2012
Irish Twins Momma

Thanks for posting the P.O. box. As a reader, you always pray and hope they feel it, but with this I can feel it was felt. Prayers all around!!

18 03 2012
Nan Hasting

Stay strong Amy…Prayers to you and your loved ones!!!

18 03 2012
Sheri Torch

Thanks for the update Kristi:)
Amy, we are sending you all of our love, hugs and prayers for a healing recovery. Lova dn Hugs for Don and Theo too.
Love you to the moooooooooon. Mom and Richard

18 03 2012
kerri daugherty

Amy I love you. Please take my strength an use it during this fight. Don’t let anyone let you think u can’t beat this. Prayers and love daily being sent to you

18 03 2012

Hope, Faith, Love and lots of Strength we send your way and kick this. We so love you Amy and never to forget Don and that little boy Theo!!

18 03 2012
brian Murphy

Some support on the way . . . but now, all our love, via always, Brian, Toni, Lauren

19 03 2012
Bob Adams

Kristi… You are indeed a good friend–and GREAT cheer leader. Thanks so much. Amy certainly deserves a friend like you, and thank God you’re there along with her many, many other friends.

19 03 2012
Gina Roberts-Grey (@GinaRobertsGrey)


I’m a member of the American Society of Authors and Journalists and we have a grant program designed to help writers in financial crisis due to illness or other qualifying crisis. I’m not on the committee that decides the grants, but I suspect Amy would qualify. You’ll find more info at asja dot org.

On a personal note, I learned of her story via a fellow writer and I’m inspired by her courage and tenacity. Sending Amy loads or prayers and healing mojo.

Gina Roberts-Grey

19 03 2012
sharon l-s

Thanks for the info Kristi. I’ll make my card tonight (Mon) and send it off tomorrow (Tues). Sending Amy, family and friends soft Hugs and warm prayers.

20 03 2012
Aunt Doris Nielson

Love and prayers are sent to Amy, Don and Theo. May God grant you peace and a quiet calm as you recuperate from this setback. We will keep looking UP! God hears and heals. much love from Aunt Doris

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