Amy’s Great Escape

20 03 2012

ImageYes, she did it.  She escaped…even if it was to the hospital atrium.  It’s the small things in life that can bring such joy.   Amy, Don, Theo, Amy’s sisters, Julie and Lisa and cousin Lori got to spend part of Sunday like so many of us do, having family time.   They laughed and took turns playing hide and seek with Theo’s squishy rubber colorful frogs.  And he displayed them ever so symmetrically on his mommy’s shirt; as you can see in the picture above.   The big fluffy pillows in the atrium gave Amy great comfort but paled in comparison to the love and warmth she felt surrounded by her loved ones.

Since then, Amy is improving each day.  She’s eating a regular diet and has two of the five radiation treatments this week behind her.  To be on the safe side, the doctors and Amy will see how the rest of the week goes but are once again hopeful that she will be able to go home after Friday’s treatment.  Her radiation is at 1:30pm all week so please continue to set your watches and join us in praying and sending positive warmhearted thoughts.

ImageTonight, Amy opened a batch of cards that already came in the mail.  She was amazed how fast these arrived and was delighted with the compassionate, inspirational and loving messages inside.  The generosity of strangers, now virtual friends, friends from childhood, Facebook friends, distant family members and a friend of a friend, is incredible!  As you can see in the picture, her bleak hospital room is coming to life with the colorful cards and photos that she is receiving.  Please keep them coming!  They will continue to be uplifting during her battle. 

Please mail to:

Amy Rauch Neilson Benefit

PO Box 580

Milford, MI  48381

We are all so grateful for your support!

Kristi Rugh Kahl

On behalf of Amy and her family





16 responses

20 03 2012

SO good to see Amy smiling, with Theo in her arms!!!

20 03 2012
Maija Kibens

I want to be a blonde so I can look that gorgeous in vivid pink! Cheers for the great escape–takes a pirate to pull it off, I see!

20 03 2012
Sarah Zowada

So good to see their happy faces! Praise God for small favors!!!! Prayers continue…………..

20 03 2012
kerri daugherty

God is answering our prayers. Please keep praying for my Angel, she feels them an he hears them. Amy keep fighting, an keep the faith. If anyone can beat this its you. I love you an I’m hear if u need anything

20 03 2012
Rita P

Ahhhh, the marvelous wonder of LOVE! Thanks for showing us, yet again, the gorgeous value of choosing love.

21 03 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

I am SO happy to see you up & smiling. Your pictures & stories from your family Sunday warm my heart. You have so many prayers coming your way. Continue your progress with your amazing attitude & we will keep the prayers coming 🙂

21 03 2012

So glad to “see” you smiling with Theo and the frogs right there on your side!
Can’t wait to see you across the lake!
I hope you have an ok day today!

21 03 2012
Ken and Gay

How wonderful to see the photo of our dear Amy and Theo, covered with frogs no less!!! Love truly is the best medicine!! Praying for you to return home soon and for progress each day, one step at a time!!!! Much Love, K.& G. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000000000000000000000000

21 03 2012

Amy, I’ve been following you and praying for you though I’m just a friend of a friend. I have a prayer quilt for you if you will accept it. ( I have to ask because you have to accept it before I can send it.) With every stitch, I’ve prayed for you and Don and Theo. It’s tied and with every know there’s a prayer in it. When you receive it, the ones you love and love you best can add their prayers, too. Let me know and it’s in the mail! Prayers continue….

21 03 2012
Amy Rauch Neilson

Yes, I’d be honored to accept such a wonderful, heartfelt, prayer quilt. That is so very kind of you. Thank you for the continued prayers! God Bless you 🙂

21 03 2012

OOPs, with every KNOT there’s a prayer….

21 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

So glad to see you were able to get out of your room and spend time with your family. Praying for your continued progress and a complete escape back to your home this weekend!

21 03 2012

Inside you might not feel so great but you look great and seeing you in the picture with those frogs (rubber) warms my heart!!:) You keep improving and hope you get to go home Friday!

21 03 2012
Helene Rabinowitz

There you go again, with style and grit you face down the bad days and emerge all covered in love (from that handsome boy by your side) and those rubber froggies. Who else but you Dear Amy could pull it off!

22 03 2012
Amy Youngblood

So glad to see your smile! love the frogs all lined up, that is special. I know I haven’t been much good with “little gifts” lately but I found something today that had “Amy Rauch-Nielson” written all over it……..stay tuned……….

22 03 2012
Sara Nickerson

Such wonderful news! God bless you Amy! Stay strong!

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