Scared and Weepy

27 03 2012

That was the text message I received from Amy this morning…Scared and weepy.  While she is thrilled to be in her own home, surrounded by her loved ones, she’s headed back to Beaumont today for another radiation treatment.  Yesterday they did the radiation only on her brain but today they will do the brain and spine.   Thus, the feelings of fear, sadness and exhaustion are filling up inside our dear sweet Amy.   Today’s treatment is at 12:38pm, so will you please join me in praying for her, sending powerful thoughts, warmth, love and hope. 

I also want to THANK YOU for reaching out and sending Amy cards, photos, and money.  She has received 100 cards thus far and I’m certain that number will double in the next week.  They are coming from all over the US as well as other countries!  Amy truly has touched so many lives and now you are touching hers.  I wish all of you could see her face when she opens the cards, it’s priceless.  It’s so uplifting for her and she personally reads every single one of them.  The colorful cards, pictures and hand-made drawings are now hanging on the wall in her room and around her bed so that she can feel the love that was enclosed in each one!

Keeping the faith,

Kristi Rugh Kahl

on behalf of Amy and family



23 responses

27 03 2012

I haven’t forgotten Amy. We’ve had a family situation blow up, but now that it’s behind me, I’ll get back to making that card for her!

27 03 2012
Aletha Duffey - Marnie's M in L

Constant prayers going to heaven on your behalf. God is good all the time – All the time God is good!!

27 03 2012

Tell Amy I haven’t forgotten her. We had a family situation come up last week, but I’m back on track this week and will finish the card I’m making!

27 03 2012

Please let Amy know that I am praying for her. and that it is ok to be scared and weepy because she can depend on the Lord’s strength to sustain her, even when we, as humans, feel scared and weepy and tired! Praying that she feels God’s comforting arms around her today and everyday after this!

27 03 2012
Sharon Frisch

Praying for God to replace your feelings of fear, sadness and exhaustion with ones of peace, joy and restfulness. May time pass quickly for you today at the hospital so you can return to your home and family.

27 03 2012
kerri daugherty

Please tell Amy I love her an I am praying for her. Thank you kristi for the updates

27 03 2012

” My presence shll go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” Your covered. With much love. Your friend Susan-

27 03 2012

We are with you today and everyday after! love us all.

27 03 2012
Henri Russell

Thank you for the updates. Amy is in my prayers.

27 03 2012

Sending you a lot of courage and strength along with prayers your way, Amy! We are all around you!
Love u always.

27 03 2012

praying and sharing the opportunity to lift you up, sweet amy. it sounds like such a platitude, but true none-the-less, you are constantly in my thoughts. sending you much love.

27 03 2012
sharon l-s

Sending soft hugs and warm prayers. Will thinks of you as you are getting your radiation treatments. Hang in there Amy. Spring is finally here and I know you will bounce back and enjoy the gentle breezes and warm sun with your family soon.

27 03 2012

Oh Jesus…my heart aches for this woman and her family.
Would you please give her Your peace today?
Would you please show her something beautiful amid the
pain? Grant her grace Lord..and peace. In Jesus Name, Amen..
We are praying for you Amy!!

27 03 2012
John Eckardt

With you 100% and always thinking and praying for you, take care and remember we are a with you and hoping for the best.

27 03 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

Prayers of hope & strength for you Amy. You continue to amaze me with your strength and courage. Know that you have SO many people praying for you & your family.

27 03 2012
Ken and Gay

Dearest One, All of us are surrounding you and holding hands and believe me it is the BIGGEST circle of love anyone has ever seen!!! Know that our loving Lord is holding you and wiping away your tears. You are precious to Him and to all of us each and every day!

Love and Hugs XXX000

27 03 2012

I’m sending the biggest HUG ever!! ox kelly

28 03 2012

Prayers continue today and every day. Thanks for the update so prayers for healing and comfort are the order of the day.

28 03 2012
frieda wishinsky

Following your difficult journey and awed by your courage. Sending you hope and support from a FB friend in Canada.

28 03 2012
Val Ringer

Amy and family – you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Lots of Love from the Ringer Family (Tim, Val, Ryan & Daniel).

28 03 2012

As I sit here, type w a heavy heart, I am over filled w emotions. Amy, u r the most inspiring patient I have ever had in my life..I told u from day one u were special and u will always will have a special place in my heart. Amy, u and ur family will continue to be in my prayers….I love u so much and continue to use u as an example now and always….Ur amazing beyond words. May our lord comfort u in this great time of need. I love u my sweetheart.

30 03 2012
Sarah Zowada

Continuing prayers for strength, comfort, peace, joy and whatever else you and your family may need. You are an inspiration to all who know you (and to those who only know you from your blog). God’s blessings, always!

31 03 2012
Sara Nickerson

Praying for a full recovery, Amy! God bless you and your family!

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