Prayer Quilt – Fabric and Faith

16 04 2012


Amy and family continue to be elated with the response to the Photo/Card shower!  One month later, she continues to receive mail daily with amazing stories, caring words, uplifting photos and continued prayers and inspiration.  She’s also received shirts, sweatshirt, beaded crosses, monetary gifts and many other thoughtful unique items.   Above is a photo of one of those remarkable gifts sent by a blog follower, Mary, aka mommaquilts.  It’s a Prayer Quilt.  Enclosed with the quilt is a story behind it that we’d like to share with you.

There are prayers in every stitch.  The ties have been left long so that your friends and family can add more knots and prayers to this quilt.  Even if the knots come loose or out, the prayers stay in the quilt.  There is symbolism in the color choices:

  • Green is for renewal
  • Blue is for anointing
  • Pink is for healing
  • Red is for the Blood of Christ shed for our salvation
  • Yellow is for the Glory of God

There are 3 commandments that are followed before giving the quilt:  ask permission to give, it’s about the prayers, not the quilting, and no payment accepted for the quilt.  It is a gift for you.

This is just one example of how generous, kind and loving you have all been.  I’m thankful that I get the honor to deliver these wonderful heartening packages to Amy and witness her beam as she opens them and reads them. 

Amy continues to be a strong willed woman and is fighting with all her might.  Please continue to pray for her and that she finds comfort and strength knowing how much she is loved.

We still have the PO Box open if you’d still like to send something.

Amy Rauch Neilson

PO Box 580

Milford, MI 48381

Thank you on behalf of Amy, Don and Theo! 

Keeping the faith,

Kristi Rugh Kahl 



14 responses

16 04 2012

Thanks for this wonderful post Kristi! Thank you for keeping us all in touch!!

16 04 2012
kerri daugherty

Thank u kristi for the update. What a great and moving story. Prayers daily for Amy and her family

17 04 2012
Terry Loumakis

Thinking of you often Amy! Love ya!

17 04 2012
Ken and Gay

Love and prayers without ceasing!! XXX000

17 04 2012

Kristi, thanks for the update. And it’s good to know the quilt arrived safely. Prayers continue….

17 04 2012
Wynne Brown

Kristi, thank you for taking the time to update Amy’s global community. This all has to be so hard on you as well — please do take care of yourself. So many healing thoughts winging their way to you, Amy, and all your loved ones!

17 04 2012
Bob Adams

Amy, I think of you continously and pray for you each time. And Kristi have you recently looked behind you for Angel wings? What a great friend to a great lady.

17 04 2012
Leslie Dietz

Prayers are being said for Amy and family here in California. May God bless and strengthen all of you during this battle. God bless.

18 04 2012
Linda Stanislawski

Keeping all of you in my prayers. God is good. Trusting Him to bring you through this trial and into health.

19 04 2012
Sandy Sherman-Sarlund

Thank you for updating the blog. I am thinking of Amy ALL the time. Let me know if there is anything that her family needs. Love & prayers always.

19 04 2012
Rita P

Deep loving prayers that you deeply experience His healing love.

20 04 2012
Don Neilson

She is home and sleeping. Please check you info! Her husband,

21 04 2012

Thank you for the update. Love and prayers always.

21 04 2012
meredith from flx

What a gorgeous gift inside and out. I love the prayer quilt, the color meanings, the intention. Thinking of you.

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