Tea Party for Two

29 04 2012

“Mommy, you are invited to my school’s Mother’s Day Tea Party”, Theo said as he gently handed the invitation to his mom. And while Amy would love to go more than anything in the world, her body just isn’t able to make it. But with the amazing help from bff Tabitha, that party was still going to happen. It might not be the exact day or setting as all the other moms and kids but as many of you know, Amy likes things out of the ordinary. With some power shopping and Theo picking out special gifts that he knew his mom would love, they had their own extraordinary tea party. Amy’s eyes beamed as Theo carried in the tray with 2 teacups and a delicious cookie with the word “Mom” on it. Theo delighted in helping his mom open her gifts. When he handed her a teacup of pretty pink roses he made sure to tell her, “they’re fake you know”. It didn’t matter; Amy smelled them and gave him a sweet smile. Next was a colorful tank top with pink and orange stripes, a fluffy beach towel, and other gifts picked especially for her. He also filled her room with a huge butterfly balloon and lots of yellow ones too; Amy’s favorite color. So together, they had their special mother and son tea party for two.



35 responses

29 04 2012

Oh so sweet – such a dear child – Happy Mother’s Day, Amy!!

29 04 2012
Lori Madison

The sweetest time together…A mom sharing special tea with her beloved son. I know you enjoyed every minute, every giggle & every delicious sip. God bless you!

29 04 2012
judy mahaffey

Thank you for sharing God bless you and your family

29 04 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Amy!!! We love you!!!

29 04 2012
Auntie Helen

Very special indeed, to have Tea with such a handsome young man. Love the color of the tank and the tea cups. What a wonderful thought. Much Love to all of you.

29 04 2012
kerri daugherty

How sweet for a sweet mother. I love you Amy. Thank you kristi.

29 04 2012
Rita P

What a precious gift you are to each other!!

29 04 2012
Teresa Phillips

This brought tears to my eyes…..God Bless

29 04 2012
Bob Adams

Happy Mother’s Day mom!!!!

29 04 2012

What a sweet time for mother and son!!

29 04 2012
brian Murphy


29 04 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Amy and Theo – so happy you had this special celebration together. The cookie looked delicious! Sending you love xoxox

29 04 2012

The Neilson family and their friends are showing the world how to live with love, laughter, and loyalty.

29 04 2012
Debbie V

Happy Mother’s Day, Amy and Theo, what a special day for you both. That cookie looked yummy. with love, Debbie

29 04 2012

TheoDORABLE is living up to his name. 🙂 What a special gift – a treasured moment shared together…you brighten up each other’s lives through the strength of your love for each other. Theo knows he has been blessed with the best mommy….and we wish you a very blessed Mother’s Day Aim XOXOX

29 04 2012

The love of a child is something remarkable. What a wonderful and most cherished gift from Theo to have your very own tea party. – Happy Mother’s Day Amy. Be well and know that love and prayers are always being sent your way.

29 04 2012
Linda Lou

Thanks for letting us know about the love …

29 04 2012

Inspirational as always. Happy Mother’s Day! What a wonderful way to spend time with your precious boy.

29 04 2012
Ken and Gay

What sweet and thoughtful gifts from a young boys heart! Amy you and Don have taught Theo how to love and to be a fine gentleman – ( even to drink tea with his pinky finger up as Lotus insists!) Happy Mother’s Day dear hearts!!

Hugs All Around XXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000000000000000000000

29 04 2012

How very sweet. Love you Amy!!!

29 04 2012

How precious, something that Theo will always remember.

29 04 2012
Sheri Torch

There’s nothing better than the love of a child, especially one like Theo. Happy Mother’s Day Amy. Love you to the moooooooooon. Mom

30 04 2012

What a beautiful spirit Theo has! And great taste in gifts and cookies and tea cups! Amy, you are such a great example for your son. ((Big hugs))
Tireegal / Claire

30 04 2012

Amy, you have taught your son, Theo, the true meaning of love. How precious. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, hugs, Cookie

30 04 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Amy!
Hugs & prayers from Montreal.

30 04 2012
Kristine Ritter

We love the photos of the perfect Mother’s Day Tea!
The gifts that Theo chose were wonderful…especially the fabulous butterfly balloon and colorful tank top.
He is such a very special boy.
Thinking of you all…
Kris and Bill

30 04 2012
Wynne Brown

What a heartwarming start to my day — thank you, Kristi! and what a fine young man Theo is turning out to be! Hugs and healing wishes from Arizona.

30 04 2012

I’m praying for you and your family today Amy.

30 04 2012
Sharon L-S

Happy Mothers Day Amy. What a wonderful idea your bff Tabitha had. I am sure Theo had a great time planning the party and picking out your gifts. Thanks for sharing Theo with us. Sending soft hugs and warm prayers

Sharon from Centerville OH

30 04 2012

This was so sweet… Brought tears to my eyes for 2 reasons… For Amy & Theo sharing special tea together and for being a mom with a son, now grown, and living in another state. God bless you all for making this special tea happen for Amy!

30 04 2012

Happy Mother’s Day Amy! You are a wonderful mother, wife, and one of the most special people I’ve ever met. Your smile and contagious laugh has always been a light in every room you enter! 🙂 I will never forget the time my car broke down up in Michigan close to your home and you and Don were so kind to take me in for the evening, help me get my car towed to a nearby shop, let me crash on your couch and then you even got up in the morning and made pancakes for me before taking me to a car rental place to get a car to drive back to Ohio. Hearts don’t forget kindness shown and especially people like you 🙂 Praying…. and love you Amy!

30 04 2012
Angela Johnson

Tabby that was so sweet of you it made me cry.

30 04 2012

That is awesome. Amy, Don, and Theo, we love you all so much.

1 05 2012
margaret jarose

Amy, aunt marg & uncle bob & family , enjoyed Mother days with Theo.,&Amy keeping you always in our thought & prayer. Uncle Jack Rauch asked about you, and send his love, we stopped to visit on way home from Florida in April 2012.

2 05 2012
Sara Nickerson

That is such a heart warming thing Theo did! I’ve often heard good things come in small packages, and this proves it! God bless you all and Happy Mother’s Day, Amy!

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