A Steel Magnolia – Guest Blog by Maureen O’Connor

5 05 2012

For Amy,

                 First, I will say I love you. I am one of the many hundreds of lucky individuals to know you and to love you and be loved by you.

                I remember you saying once you don’t want to be remembered as ‘the girl who fought cancer and lost.’ And I remember thinking at the time no matter what happens, you will never have lost. You have brought more light, love and joy to the world than anyone I know.

                So let’s reminisce about what I love:

  • Getting to know you when you were only in your mid-to-late 20’s, even though I certainly knew you before that through our parents’ friendship.
  • Your generosity in sending mom and dad to Florida – until Sean finally kicked us in the butts and said, ‘Hey, why is Amy sending them when we can all jointly send them?”
  • Your higher score on the ACTs.  You know what I mean.  😉
  • Spending time in Florida with you, mom and dad, watching you exercise, laughing when you’d pinch dad’s butt, the wonderful meals you’d prepare, your non-stop chatter and energy!
  • At Sean and Cathy’s when you came around the pool carrying one of the infant twins and you saying, “I could do this, couldn’t I?” (You always would question your mothering ability, and I would always tell you you’d make a wonderful mother. I was right.)
  • Hibernian parties. New Year’s Eve parties. St. Patty’s Day parties. You always dressed for the occasion, no matter what!
  • Sparky Airport Transport. Driving around and around the terminal because we’re talkingtalkingtalking and you missed the stop. And no matter what time of day or night, you were always willing to make the drive.
  • Burning Kev’s French toast.  Talkingtalkingtalking.  LOL!
  • Your eternal optimism. (Are you sure you’re not Irish?)
  • Those damned dogs racing down your stairs to attack me!
  • John Edward!  (What will your sign be?  I’ll watch for it!)
  • One groovy chick.” And you are!!!
  • Allowing me to shave your head.
  • Elephant-fest!
  • Your precious relationship with my parents.
  • Our talks. I loved our talks. For someone with your IQ, it always amazed me how you would constantly question your abilities or second-guess yourself.
  • Your undying support of me in whatever my choices were.
  • Your unconditional love.
  • Your bravery in the face of so many difficulties! Losing one parent then another. That first ‘marriage.’ Learning who your real friends are. Finances. Health.
  • Your tremendous devotion to Theo and to Don.
  • Your quick wit and raucous laughter!

         You are the very bravest of women. A steel magnolia. A warrior. You have left an indelible mark on those you’ve touched and those you will touch in the future through your words.  Though you don’t see it now, you are one of the lucky ones. You filled your life with love, laughter, family and friends. I don’t personally know any other person who has the following you do. You have created a support group for Don and Theo that will see them through the difficulties ahead. You have fought bravely and ferociously. You have lived a long, full life in a mere 40+ years. And there is a time for every season. Your boys will be okay. You will be okay. The next chapter is ahead of you:  Your mom, your dad, Charlie – they’re all waiting for you with open arms!

 And I’ll be watching for you. I love you dearly.


Aka CP or Chicky-poo




20 responses

5 05 2012

Very nice Maureen.

5 05 2012
Lori Madison

“It is God who arms us with strength & keeps our way secure.” Thank you for sharing these very beautiful & very special moments of friendship. Praying that God continue to strengthen you & all those standing by Amy’s side today & in the coming days.

5 05 2012
Kathy Oconnor Crawfis

Beautiful, funny, brave and a HUGE heart. You said that right!

5 05 2012

Amen, Sis. Well said.

5 05 2012
kerri daugherty

Very well said. U so describe Amy perfectly. I love u my Angel

5 05 2012
Jackie Lynn Clement

Beautiful. And Amy is truly blessed to be a blessing.

5 05 2012

Rock on auntie! You are soooo right! thinking about you today. my love to all.

5 05 2012
Helene Rabinowitz

Maureen I am so touched by your outpouring of love to our dearest Amy.

5 05 2012

Amy, you are a blessing to so many. Thank you for your courage, strength and the love you have shared with us all. God loves you so much and we are so thankful He allowed you to be in our lives. God bless you and your family ((hugs)) The Moretti’s

5 05 2012
Rita O'Connor

Thanks Maureen, for putting our thoughts into your words to Amy. Well said.
Isn’t it wonderful how we feel that Amy is part of our family, but so many others feel the same way. In my mind’s eye I can still see Amy in Florida, standing waist deep in the ocean, hands on hips, trying to pee ’cause she didn’t want to go back up to the condo. (Sorry, Amy…the picture is still clear) (OOPS…this may be inappropriate…)
Love always, Mom Reet O’C 🙂

5 05 2012

Mom, I’m sure there are more than a few of us with those pictures of Amy in our minds, as she was never one to stand on conventionality. That’s what makes her so spectacular!

5 05 2012
Rita P

Beautifully said, deeply felt. We love you Amy.

5 05 2012

What a beautiful piece of writing, and for someone special

5 05 2012

As someone who doesn’t know Amy personally, just through her blog, I have to say that this latest (beautiful) entry has made me cry for what I am reading between the lines. Prayers for Amy, her family and friends.

6 05 2012

That was beautiful Maureen. Thanks for sharing it not only with Amy, but with the rest of us as well. Amy, Don, Theo and their family and friends are in my daily prayers.

6 05 2012

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we ALL could leave a beautiful impression on the lives of the people we love as well as the one’s that we meet throughout our life. Yes, Amy has given everyone a lasting impression, we have been blessed….Praying for Amy, Don & Theo and their families and friends…

6 05 2012
Sunny Stripes-O'Connor

I remember that day at Sean and Cathy’s by the pool with one of the twins, Maureen. That was the first time I met Amy, and my first impression of her warm, beautiful soul, and all I kept thinking was, “Yes, of course you can do this, and you should. Any child would be lucky to have you for his mother.”
Amy, you always made me feel special, just as I know you did with anyone who was lucky enough to be touched by you. I love you.

6 05 2012

God bless you, Amy. I heard of your passing through your friend, Julie. God has healed you, and He will be with Don and Theo. Thank you for your honesty and your incredible writing gifts. May you rest in peace.

7 05 2012

I’m so touch by all. Words can”t express my feelings. Bless All..

7 05 2012
Mindy Binsfeld

I am so sorry for your loss Maureen. Amy has received such great respect and love from the O’Connor family through the years and although I never met her, I was touched by her writtings during her brave battle with cancer. She will live on as an inspiration to me.

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