8 Letters – 2 Words

26 06 2012

No, we’re not playing charades. But if Amy was here, you can bet she’d be the first one in line. Amy loved to play games. Any kind. It didn’t matter if it was board games, cards, hide-and-seek or charades; if someone was willing to play, she was your partner for sure!

Today though, our 8 letters and 2 words are THANK YOU

The overwhelming support to Don, Theo and Amy’s family has truly been AMYAZING!  Cards are still coming in with donations to Theo’s 529 college fund as well as via the PayPal link.  The heartfelt words and generosity of all those that loved Amy is greatly appreciated.  A memory book is being created with all the beautiful cards sent and one day, Don and Theo will look at it and smile, not just how remarkable Amy was but also how incredibly big-hearted and kind you were. Whether it was via PayPal, mail, email, Facebook, blog comments or just prayers from your heart, it had an uplifting impact on those that received it.

Don and Theo are adjusting to everyday life and are working hard at getting a routine down.  As many single parents know, it’s not easy raising a child alone.  Amy must have been playing cards when she met Don because she certainly picked the greatest KING to raise their THEODORABLE!

Unfortunately, I did learn that some envelopes that were sent to the PO Box were returned.  I apologize for that.  The post office can’t give me any explanation of why that happened as the box is still open and active.  If you did get your envelope returned and would like to resend it, please email me at kristikahl@comcast.net and I will give you a local address you can mail it to (or try the PO Box again).  Or feel free to donate via the PayPal link below.  Again, your generosity is greatly appreciated.  We did our best to get Thank you cards mailed out but if you didn’t receive one, please know your donation is truly appreciated.  (If you look at the back of your cleared check, you should see “Thanks” written there)

I was sent this quote and this sums up how I have been feeling:

“I am waiting for the day when thinking of her brings a smile to my face instead of a tear to my eye.”


Kristi Rugh Kahl


Click link to make a donation to Theo’s College Fund via Paypal

Or Mail to:

Amy Rauch Neilson Benefit

PO Box 580

Milford, MI 48381



13 responses

26 06 2012
Scott Orwig

That quote is perfect, Kristi, thank you for sharing it!

26 06 2012
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

Thanks Scott. Jodi Wolford Krueger sent me it and said the Joe Biden was quoted saying that after his wife and daughter died in a car accident.

26 06 2012
Amy Lange

Thanks for posting, Kristi, it was nice to see an e-mail from Itsinthegenes.org!!!

26 06 2012
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

I agree…the last post was exactly 1 month ago on 5/26. And today is 6/26. Not planned that way. Even more of a sign if you are “into numbers” as I am, is that 5/6 is that date Amy passed. Signs all around us, just have to see them.

26 06 2012
sharon l-s

Is there any word on if Amy’s book is going to be published?

26 06 2012
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

YES, we are working on getting Amy’s book published. This takes some time but yes, we will indeed get it done! Thanks for asking 🙂

26 06 2012
Jessica Siemasz

I was just thinking of Amy this morning, thinking it’s been almost two months already and I was praying for Don and Theo. 🙂 Kristi, It’s still a little early, but perhaps Don and Theo (and close friends) would benefit from a grief support group. There is a wonderful non-profit that’s in Northville called New Hope Center for Grief Support (www.newhopecenter.net). They run workshops at different locations throughout the detroit area.

26 06 2012
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

Thanks for your prayers and information. I will pass this along to others.

26 06 2012

That quote really hits me hard. Tears all the time. xo.

26 06 2012

Kristi, thank you for the update, I too have been continuing to pray for comfort for Don, Theo and family and friends. Please let us know when book is published.

27 06 2012
wedding stages

quite sadden, my prayers go out to them!

2 07 2012
Aunt Doris Nielson

My prayers and love are daily for Don and Theo. Aunt Doris

6 07 2012
Rhonda Traylor

Overwhelmed with the apparent business of my life, I had not been on this blog for several months. I would like to extend my deepest regards to Amy’s family. I was featured on Amy’s blog in 2009; Antioch Macgregor Grads! We stayed in contact but life got in the way. Fond memories of her joyful spirit. Thank you, from those of us still battling the Big C. Much love!! Rhonda

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