AMY…Definitely Not Forgotten !

23 09 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012, Amy was honored at two AMYAZING events.

The first one was at The Pink Fund’s 2nd annual luncheon at the Henry in Dearborn, MI.  Molly MacDonald, CEO of The Pink Fund honored Amy’s life and presented Amy’s husband Don with a beautiful pink vase with yellow (Amy’s favorite color) around the top edge.  Amy Youngblood, who was inspired by Amy to write, spoke about how Amy touched so many lives.  Amy’s sisters, nieces and a few special friends were in attendance to share in this special moment.

(click on picture to enlarge it)


To end the night, Bras for a Cause in Royal Oak, MI remembered Amy.  Her name was featured with Shannon Watson’s on the marquee outside the Royal Oak Music Theatre as well as her beautiful picture on the big screen before the show.  Amy Lange from Fox 2 News was the host for the night and she too honored Amy by sharing her words with us.  A memory page in the program had a picture of Amy, Don and Theo with a brief narrative on Amy written by Patti Ball and Michelle Wolford Ball.  Michelle was also on the planning committee as Media Relations and is a long time friend of Amy’s.   A beautiful hand-made bra was created in memory of Amy by Amy’s niece Danielle Neilson titled “Sunshine and Crazy Days” and modeled by Lisa Roggin, a dear friend of Amy’s and also a 5 year breast cancer survivor.  Don, family members and special friends were there for this uplifting experience.  Don was also the winner of a live speed painting of Kid Rock by Dave Santia.  Kid Rock was one of Amy’s favorite singers and Don’s face was priceless when he won.  The painting will hang in their family room where Don and Amy spent their last few months together.


While these are just two special events that stand out, I know that many of you see signs of Amy every day.  And although she is gone, she is definitely NOT forgotten.

Amy…your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.  You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.



14 responses

23 09 2012

How wonderful she was honored. She certainly deserved to be. She is missed, but more important, she is loved to the moon and back!

23 09 2012
Danielle Neilson

She will never be forgotten! There are tons of things during the day that remind me of her. Amy would have loved getting all of this attention!

23 09 2012

What a beautiful tribute to an incredible woman!

24 09 2012
Kristi Rugh Kahl

Yes, Amy would have loved all the attention…and she deserved every minute of it and more. I was proud to be a part of all the events that day and witness first hand what I already knew….Amy truly made her mark on the world! xoxo Kristi

24 09 2012
Ken and Gay

Truly there isn’t a day which passes that something hasn’t reminded us both of Amy! Her loving and giving spirit is with us always. Her courageous life touched so many literally around the whole world!!! Love never ends………

24 09 2012
Cathie Ferdon

A beautiful and appropriate way to honor Amy. She worked so hard to educate people about this disease. She is still an inspiration to so many and I too miss her and her quick witted, funny personality!

24 09 2012
Carol Clemens

I wear her bracelet as I work on my computer and send thoughts of strength and fortitude for Don and Theo. The marvel of it is that I never met her, but miss her like a sister. She was indeed inspiration to so many.

24 09 2012

thank you for continuing to share Amy.

24 09 2012
kerri daugherty

Never will amy be forgotten. Every saturday when i see theo, its like being with amy. He reminds me so much of her. So glad she was honored, she deserved it. Amy you are thought about everyday. Miss ya angel

24 09 2012
Bob Adams

Amy is definitely not forgotten. I talk to her almost every day, and can you believe she doesn’t interrupt me? Well….mostly not. Carol Clemens comment about never having met Amy but missing her like a sister really rings a bell. That was Amy. I only met her once, and sampled her great chicken pot pie, but had many long conversations on the phone. Thank goodness for the Internet where calls are free or we’d be in the poor house.

I just turned 80 and love her like a daughter. I take comfort in that I will see her again some day in the future.

25 09 2012
Aunt Doris Nielson

Amy? Forgotten? Never! I think of her so often and pray for Don and Theo, too. I, too, am looking forward o seeing Amy again in Glory!
Aunt Doris

25 09 2012

Amen!, Aunt Doris

27 09 2012
Rita O'Connor

Amy always was like my fourth daughter….she was sweet, funny, and a very cheerful person to be around. She was “one in a million”. I think of her often. Now DON’T behave yourself, Amy! Mom Reet

4 10 2012
Helene Rabinowitz

Amy is in my heart and my mind. It is a blessing to feel her presence.

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