28 04 2013

Many have asked and I know many are wondering, “How are Don and Theo doing”?

Well, Theo is one AMYAZING little boy and Amy’s laughter and love of life, continue to shine through him.  Starting with his 7th birthday last August, Theo, Don and the crazy clown had a ball making everyone laugh.  The summer fun continued with playing outside and going to watch a Tigers baseball game (which was one of Amy’s favorite sports to watch).  Don and Theo sure made Halloween a hoot!  Theo was Mario and Don was Luigi…what a team they made and double the candy too!  They continued the family tradition of cutting down their Christmas tree and Theo delighted in opening his gifts.  Theo is also a hard worker!  He has a “job” at the pet store on Saturday’s and loves taking care of all the animals.  His animal knowledge is incredible and yes, he still loves the frogs that he and Amy learned so much about and had several of them at home to take care of.  Theo has also been a huge help around the house and “working” with Don.  He even learned how to sand drywall!  But it wasn’t all work and no play.  Theo has a blast riding his 4 wheeler and going to the Monster Truck show.  He’s also doing excellent in 2nd grade!  He loves reading to his cousin Brody and created an incredible science project which he delighted in showing his experiment to family and friends.  Theo’s also learned to master the sport of ice skating and is now playing on a hockey team which he absolutely loves.  He’s a mite and is #99!  Enjoy the pictures below and know that Amy’s bright smile and spirit are with Theo everywhere he goes.

theo's 7th birthday  theo and kara 7-2012  theo tigers gaem 5-2012

theo don halloween 2012  Theo tree 2012 theo christmas 2012

theo pet store worker 10-2012  theo hard working 5-2012  theo drywalling 4-2013

theo 4 wheeler   theo monster jam theo and cousin brody 2-2013      THEO SCIENCE PROJECT

theo ice skating    theo ice skating 2   #99 Theodorable!!!!!




19 responses

28 04 2013

Thank you so much for this wonderful update!

28 04 2013

So great to catch up with Don and Theo.
God Bless them both

28 04 2013

I’m so glad to see this. Thanks so much for this heartening report.

28 04 2013
Elizabeth DeWaard

Was so glad to talk to Don today and get an update—and then this blog added to my delight! Don is such an awesome father! He and Theo are going to try to get over to Holland this summer to the B&B!!!!!

28 04 2013

Such a precious child! So happy he is doing well. Amy is so proud of him I know – and of Don, for being such a wonderful father.

28 04 2013

What an amazing little man! Thank you for the updates. It’s nice to get the email from Its in the genes, it’s hard to believe almost a year has passed. Keep up the good work, Donny!

28 04 2013

It means so much to be able to see these photos! Thank you for sharing.

28 04 2013
Kathleen Tajer Stadtfeld

thank you for sharing this. i’m very happy for those two boys. ❤

28 04 2013

Good news and thank you for the update.

28 04 2013

THANKS for the update and blessings to Theo and Don!

28 04 2013

So happy to see this. Great job for Don helping his son with all of these wonderful opportunities. May God continue to Bless Don and Theo.

28 04 2013
Ken and Gay

Thanks for sharing. The bright smiles and activities are so inspiring. We love you Don and Theo and know Amy’s love surrounds you both, always. Don you and Theo are an amazing team! – Hugs All Around XXX000

28 04 2013
Deb Peters

Thank you for sharing this. I think about Don and Theo often. It is wonderful to see them enjoying life and knowing that Amy’s love is with them always.

28 04 2013
Kimberly Brown

Thank you for the wonderful update on Theo. And the pictures are just an absolute treat!! I will always have a special place in my heart for Theo…..the incredibly resilient and courageous little boy of an amazing woman.
Blessed Be

29 04 2013
sharon l-s

Thanks for sharing the update. The photos show a happy boy, whom Amy must be very proud of. What a super Dad to dress up for Halloween.

29 04 2013

Thank you for this update! He is an awesome kid.

29 04 2013
Carol Clemens

You were right-so many of us do wonder how Don and Theo are doing and pray for them regularly. Kudos to Don for keeping Theo’s life just as routine yet challenging as Amy would have loved to do. I hope Don knows we all wish him strength and peace as well.

30 04 2013
Bob Adams

Theo you are lucky. You had an awesome Mom and still have an awesome Dad–and family too. Just remember your Mom will help guide you through the rest of your life. She isn’t here in person, but she IS here, and watching out for you.

Thanks so much for the update.

2 05 2013

Great to see all those pictures of Theo and see him thriving and smiling! Thanks for sharing. Amy left an awesome legacy……and Don, you are doing a fantastic job too! Keep up the good work and fun and enjoyment of life… Amy wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! 🙂

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