Happy 14th Anniversary

4 07 2013

A beautiful Facebook post from Don to Amy  7/4/13

 Happy Anniversary. It has been 14 years since we said we do. One of the vows was till death do we part. Well, you are and always will be a part of me. I miss our life together, the way you had endless energy, but only for about 5 hours at a time. A quick nap and boom! Off and running! Your infectious laugh. The way you loved our son more then anything in this world. I love you and always will.

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Amy Rauch Neilson, It's in the Genes    Me and my hubby, enjoying a ride on our pontoon boat.




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4 07 2013

Don, Every time u write, it makes my eyes leak. I so wish Amy were here to celebrate, and I’m glad to know that we’ll see her again some day. I think of and pray for you and Theo often. Happy Independence Day. Crystal

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4 07 2013
Elizabeth DeWaard

Don and Theo, I thought of you the very moment I woke up today and how wonderful this day was 14 years ago.Those precious memories will never fade.
Love you so much. Betsy

4 07 2013
Rita O'Connor

Don…my thoughts today are with you and Theo.
Its amazing what a powerful and sweet memory our Amy remains yet today.
I have never known anyone quite like her. She was unique in every way…she is unforgettable. The times that Charlie and I spent with Ted and Amy, and before that, with Ted and Amy and Phyllis, are precious memories.
Amy is ONE IN A MILLION….no doubt about it.
Love always, “Mom” Rita O’Connor

4 07 2013
brian Murphy

A beautiful note, Don——so many of us miss Amy so much——and your love is part of it all——-Brian

4 07 2013
Helene Rabinowitz

Don, how beautiful a tribute to both of you and Theo. I remember.

5 07 2013
Sheri Torch

Don and Theo………..our hearts are with you both. Don, I remember your wedding as if it were yesterday and the joy in both of your faces. We miss Amy so much.
Sheri & Richard

12 07 2013

She was loved by you and her son. That counts a lot, and she was blessed that you were there for her. I am sorry for your loss, and I am sure she has her angel wings now. She fought her battle courageously.
I too have br. cancer, and now stage 4 with mets. It is a scary journey, but we do the best we can.

13 07 2013

This truly heart breaking to read. Any was a beautiful person inside and out. I know she’s a saint now looking down. Your bond was unbreakable. Theo will turn out to be a perfect example of the tow of u. Your doing a great job with him Don. God Bless

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