22 08 2013

For those that knew Amy, you know she loved her birthday.  And not just that day but she would celebrate for an entire week – her birthday week.  Well her son Theo is just like his mom!  He’s having a week of birthday fun!  A few days ago, he had dinner and ice cream with his Aunt Julie and Uncle Jim, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave and cousins Natalie and Blake.  He even woke up early the next day to put his new birthday gift together!

BIRTHDAY - 8-22-13  8TH    BIRTHDAY 8-22-13

Tonight on his 8th birthday, he will have hockey practice and I know Amy and her Dad will be watching him from above and cheering him on!

ice skating 1  ice skating

His Birthday Fun will continue this weekend with Don, family and friends at ZAP ZONE!!  What 8yr old (or any age for that matter) doesn’t love it there!

HAPPY 8th Birthday Week THEO! 


theo's 6th birthday

Happy 8th Birthday Theodore…with love from your mom!

I may not physically be there but I’m always near and in your heart.



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