29 11 2013

Today is my birthday. Celebrate my life with you.  And remember the good times, not the bad. And Do not be sad; Look up towards the sun and catch every ray of light upon your cheek. For I am there with you.  Today is my birthday. Be happy for me . I lived short, but full.  I had the pleasure of love and the joy of my family. Do not be sad. Look up towards the stars and catch each twinkle in your heart. For I am there with you.

Today is another year that we remember our AMYAZING AMY and celebrate her special day sending love, hugs and wishes to her in Heaven.  Not a day goes by that someone, somewhere isn’t thinking of her and remembering all the joy and laughter she brought to each of us in her own loving and unique way.

Below is a picture of Amy sending off a lantern for her 43rd birthday.  It’s heart breaking to know that was her last birthday here with us and today, 11/29/13 we extend our love to her in Heaven.  Happy Birthday Amy!  You are missed more than you could ever imagine.

We love and miss you Amy!  Happy Birthday!

Amy sending off a pink lantern for her 43rd birthday! 11-29-11



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29 11 2013
Carol Clemens

This week I treated myself to a pedicure, and out of the blue, had this wild (for me) impulse to do my toes in a twinkly teal sparkle. When I got home I wondered if I’d lost my senses, but now I know who was nudging me to twinkle and shine! I love the idea Amy is still with us in spirit, urging us to live life and enjoy all that comes our way.

29 11 2013
brian Murphy

How often I think of Amy–and Don and Theo–! Happy Birthday and love to all of you! —Brian

29 11 2013
Debby Neilson

Happy Birthday Amy!!! I love and miss you!!!

29 11 2013

Happy Birthday Amy. You are sorely missed.

29 11 2013
Carrie Neilson

Happy Birthday Week Amy. Thank you for being our Guardian Angel, and watching over us. We love you.
Jim, Carrie, Logan and Mara

29 11 2013
Bob Adams

Amy… There are so many things that remind me of you and your attitude toward life. Even you aren’t physically here, I know you are. Thanks!!! You touched so many.

29 11 2013
Elizabeth DeWaard

“Decked the halls” outdoors today and had a silly mishap or two that spelled of Amy’s teasing. I KNOW she was with me–it happens every once in awhile and it’s ALWAYS Amy!

30 11 2013
Kelly haar

I think of you every time I open my china cabinet, and see the beautiful angel you sent to me. I hope you and my sister have a chance to meet in heaven! Thank you for your loving heart. Happy birthday

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